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New and Upcoming Courses

Psyc 385: Research Methods
Soc 331: Criminology Theory
Stat 427: R Programming

PSYC 385: Research Methods (3 Credits, LCSC, new course)

Course Description
Develops students' ability to design an empirical study within the ethical constraints of human research and to understand the results of research in professional journals. Specific research designs covered include archival research, experimental designs, naturalistic observation, participant observation, quasi-experimental designs, single subject designs, and survey research. Integrates (1) analytical and evaluative thinking, (2) descriptive, explanatory, and critical writing, and (3) basic knowledge of the theory and application of qualitative and quantitative research design.

Prerequisites: PSYC-101 (Introduction to Psychology) or PSYC-205 (Developmental Psychology) or permission of instructor.

See Psychology for syllabus.

SOC 331: Criminology Theory (3 Credits, U of I, new course)

Course Description
Review and assessment of common explanations of crime, deviant behavior and control.

Prerequisites: SOC 101 (Introduction to Sociology)

See Sociology for syllabus.

STAT 427: R Programming (3 Credits, U of I)

Course Description
Credit not awarded for STAT 427 after STAT 419. Introduction to the R computing language for scientific graphics, statistical analysis, simulation, and mathematical modeling. Topics include functions, data management and manipulation, loops and logical structures, vector and matrix calculations, contemporary graphical displays, probability and simulation, dynamic models, numerical optimization, standard methods of statistical analysis.

Prerequisites: STAT 251 (Statistical Methods) or STAT 301 (Probability and Statistics) or STAT 416 (Statistical Methods for Research)

See Statistics for syllabus.


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