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Non-U of I Undergraduates

Welcome to U of I! We look forward to working with you to ensure your study abroad credits will transfer back to your home university. Once you complete your application with USAC or KCP, you will be contacted by the U of I Education Abroad Office with instructions on how to complete the U of I application.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do I need to register with U of I?

Not all universities accept a grade report from USAC or KCP. Therefore, U of I will issue your study abroad credits on an official U of I transcript and send it to your home university.

What do I need to complete for the online U of I study abroad application?

The online U of I application outlines all items you need to complete. Two of these online forms are particularly important:

  1. Non-Degree Application form and
  2. A Transcript Request Form.

You submit these forms electronically in your online U of I study abroad application or alternatively you can send them to

Why do I need a Transcript Request Form?

This form prompts U of I to send your completed study abroad credits back to your home university. You will complete your transcript request form before your program begins and we will hold it until your program is finished. After the program is completed and USAC sends us your grade report, we process your official U of I transcript and send it to your university with the address you provided. *It is your responsibility to make sure that the address on the form is accurate and where your official transcript needs to go within your home university. U of I does not need a copy of your transcript from your home university.

Do I need to pay for the transcript?

No. One copy will be sent out as an included part of the program If you need additional copies, you must request a U of I official transcript from the U of I Registrar.

How long do I need to wait for my transcript?

Typically 1-2 months after your program is complete. If you need a rushed copy, you will have to first contact your USAC or KCP advisor to see if this is possible. We cannot start on our process at U of I without your USAC or KCP grade report.

How can I complete the STEP registration without the address of where I am staying abroad?

You can first sign the signature document in your online U of I study abroad application indicating you understand the STEP instructions; once you get your address, you can complete the STEP registration process with the US Department of State.

If you have any questions about the U of I process, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or 208-885-8984.

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