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College Credit

College courses offered through ISI are approved by the curriculum committee of the cooperating institution sponsoring the course. Most colleges and universities, including the University of Idaho, have transfer credit limitations.

University of Idaho (U of I) students

  • If you are working toward a degree, approval from your academic adviser is required to take an ISI course. See Forms, Course Approval form.

  • ISI course credits for U of I sponsored courses are included in the computation of a U of I student’s grade point average (GPA). 

  • Credits earned from ISI courses sponsored by the U of I are listed separately on the U of I transcript from U of I course credits. ISI courses do replace a U of I course on the U of I transcript per the U of I catalog. 

  • Residency Requirements (J-2) for a U of I student - of the credits required for a degree, a student must earn a minimum of 30 upper-division credits in U of I courses. Credits awarded for U or I sponsored ISI courses are counted among these 30 U of I credits.
  • Concurrent and Subsequent Baccalaureate Degrees (J-7) - of the credits required to earn a second baccalaureate degree, a minimum number must be U of I credits. For more information see J-7 Concurrent and Subsequent Baccalaureate Degrees, in the U of I Catalog.

Non-U of I Students

ISI staff recommend that students at other institutions contact their registrar, college department, and adviser to obtain signature approval that ISI credits will be computed into their degree and GPA before enrolling.


  • Credit hours are semester hours
  • The letter-grade scale is A through F except for Engl 101, which is graded P (pass) or F (fail)
  • Courses are approved by the curriculum committee of the cooperating institution sponsoring the course

Course Numbers

  • 100-299: lower-division, introductory-level college courses
  • 300-499: upper-division courses for advanced undergraduates
  • 500-699: graduate-level courses for graduate students or students with special permission to register


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