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Session Recordings

A list of resources (websites, documents, articles and contacts) discussed during the sessions is available for download (PDF)

Previous Years

01-15-20: Geriatric Psychiatry: Parkinson Disease & Behavioral Health in Primary Care by Megan Dunay, MD

02-05-20: Medication Monitoring—Coire Weathers, MD, and Stephen Carlson, PharmD

02-19-20: Helping Patients Break the Stigma Against Mental Health—Michelle Cullinan, PMHNP

03-04-20: Treating Dementia with Behavioral Disturbance – Reiko Emtman, MD

03-18-20: Clinical Applications for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Primary Care – Rachel Root, PhD

04-01-20: Telebehavorial Health in the Time of COVID-19 – Special Guest Panel

04-15-20: De-escalation - Abbey Abbondandolo, Director of Security at St. Luke’s Health System

05-06-20: Facing a Pandemic: Practical Steps to Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) – Jeremy Stockett, LCSW

05-20-20: Cannabis and CBD – Michelle Cullinan, PMHNP

06-03-20: EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) – Jeremy Stockett, LCSW

06-17-20: Relaxation Training – Rachel Root, PhD

07-01-20: Esketamine – Stephen Carlson, PharmD, and Coire Weathers, MD

07-15-20: Sex Addiction – Steven Lanzet, LMFT, MEd, LCPC, CSAT-S, and Cassandra Rustvold, LCSW, MEd, CSAT, SEP

  • This session’s slides and recording are not available.

8-05-20: Alcohol Addiction – Coire Weathers, MD

8-19-20: Non-Psychiatric Medication Prescribing: Implications for Mental Health and Psychiatric Care – Stephen Carlson, PharmD, and Tara Whitaker, MD

9-02-20: Concussion and Mental Health, Part I – Kurt Nilsson, MD

9-16-20: Concussion and Mental Health, Part II – Sarah D. Marion, PhD

10-07-20: Review of Screening Tools for Pediatrics – Summer Day, MD

10-21-20: Choosing the “Right” Antidepressant – Michelle Cullinan, PMHNP, and Stephen Carlson, PharmD

11-04-20: Transgender Mental Health, Part I – Neil Ragan, MD

11-18-20: Transgender Mental Health, Part II – Dianne Piggott, LPC

12-02-20: Patient Management Q & A and Year in Review – Specialist Panel

  • Video
  • There are no slides or patient case recommendations for this session.

12-16-20: Preconception Planning for Patients on Psychiatric Medications – Stacy Seyb, MD

01-16-19: Medicinal Considerations in Pregnant and Postpartum Women - Nicole Cirino, MD

02-06-19: Adolescents and ADHD - Roberto Negron, MD

02-20-19: Dementia and Nonpharmacologic Interventions - Abhilash Desai

03-06-19: Dementia and Pharmacologic Interventions - Abhilash Desai

03-20-19: Self-Care for Helpers - Jeremy Stockett, LCSW

04-03-19: Autism Spectrum Disorders Part 1 - Abhilash Desai, MD

04-17-19: Autism Spectrum Disorders Part 2 - Abhilash Desai, MD

Extended Lecture

05-01-19: Co-Occurring Disorders - Coire Weathers, MD

05-15-19: Personality Disorders - Rachel Root, PhD LP

06-05-19: Sleep Disorders: Behavioral Interventions for Insomnia - Kyle Davis, MD

06-19-19: Sleep Disorders: Interventions in Primary Care - Tara Whitaker, MD

06-19-19: Pharmacological Treatments for Insomnia Disorder - Abhilash Desai, MD

07-17-19: Adolescents and Suicide - Roberto Negron, MD

08-07-19: Safety Planning - Jeremy Stockett, LCSW

08-21-19: Community Resources for Mental Health Crises - John Reusser, LCSW

09-04-19: Long Acting Injectables - Stephen Carlson, PharmD

09-18-19: Evidence for Nature Exposure for Therapeutic Purposes (original topic: Evidence for Herbals and Supplements for Mood) - Tara Whitaker, MD

10-02-19: CBT for Anger Management - Jeremy Stockett, LCSW

10-16-19: Electroconvulsive Therapy - James Saccomando, MD

11-06-19: Chronic Medical Conditions and Mental Illness - Tara Whitaker, MD

11-20-19: Anxiety - Rachel Root, PhD LP

12-04-19: Polypharmacy - Stephen Carlson, PharmD

12-18-19: Exercise and Mood: A Review of the Evidence - Tara Whitaker, MD

09-05-18: Somatic Symptom and Related Disorders - Tara Whitaker, MD

09-19-18: Mood Disorders - Coire Weathers, MD

10-03-18: Gender Dysphoria - Tara Whitaker, MD

10-17-18: Co-Occurring Disorders - Coire Weathers, MD

10-31-18: Geriatric Psychiatry and Considerations in the Primary Care Setting - Abhilash Desai, MD

11-14-18: Boundaries, Therapeutic Modalities, and Therapy Referrals in the Primary Care Setting - Jeremy Stockett, LCSW

11-28-18: Common Interactions and Dosage Considerations in Psychiatry - Stephen Carlson, PharmD

12-12-18: Perinatal Mood Disorders - Rachel Root, PhD LP

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