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Abigail Munn

Backyard Brew is a brand name developed for a startup microbrewery that also creates cocktail beverages. The idea for the project came from my dad. Over the years my father has grown hops to brew small batches of beer. The name reflects the starting place for the brand as it was literally started in our own backyard.

The various designs on the beer cans represent places in Idaho. I chose locations around Idaho that I consider to be part of Idaho’s backyard and that feel like home. Pine Tree Porter represents McCall, Citrus Kiss IPA represents Lucky Peak, and Foothills Lager represents the foothills in Boise. The variations in the illustrated scenery represent the vast array of terrain all over Idaho.

Backyard Bevs is a sibling beverage line of cocktails. The designs are based on pattern rather than image to make it easy for the consumer to differentiate the ‘Bevs’ from the ‘Brew.’ The patterns reflect the type of drink in the can.

Art & Design

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