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Bronwyn Schumaker

Plasticity Pledge

As someone who is deeply inspired by the natural world, I am passionate about using design as a tool to further sustainable practices. In the last couple of years scientists are finding that people are not only surrounded by plastic pollution, but are consuming it daily through the air, our food and most commonly our water.

Because single-use plastic drinking bottles contain more plastic particles than tap water and are some of the leading contributors to plastic pollution, I came up with “Plasticity Pledge” which asks people to give up plastic water bottles for one year. The climate crisis is overwhelming, and people tend to use the idea that individual action doesn’t make a difference as an excuse to do nothing. “Plasticity Pledge” is about taking action, because doing nothing is not an option anymore.

I am aware the action encouraged by this pledge alone may not put much of a dent in the plastic pollution issue. My intent is that it makes those who interact with it more conscious of their consumption habits, that people start to notice the little luxuries they can live without and that consistent small changes can have an impact.

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