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Casey Daw

Looking for a new type of project to take on, I took the risk of starting a podcast. P.S. Still Growing is a growth podcast; everyone has to recover from their past experiences in one way or another, and I have my friend Trista to contrast mine with. From two very different upbringings, we work together to unpack and grow from the things we’ve been through, whether they be as ten-year-olds or an interaction two weeks ago. As humans, we never stop emotionally growing, and I know that just as I’ve learned and grown from many of my past experiences, I still feel I have a lot to learn about my cultural identity.

This is an area in my life where I feel lacking in fulfillment, which is why I decided to delve deeper into my thoughts and feelings around being Japanese American in today’s society. I have always been curious about where my Japanese American family members stand in regards to their cultural identities, so, to aid me in my own journey, I’ve asked them to fill out a survey I created questioning them about it. After all, modeling is an effective method for learning behavior. But what of emotional health or cultural fulfillment? Everything—in my mind—is an exercise in personal growth.

While taking into account the discrimination and incarceration of Japanese American people—and my own family—in our country’s history as well as today, I’ll explore the cultural identities of my family members as well as myself.

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