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Nick Williams

I explore the idea of sensory translation as a way to archive the words and sounds that surround us and try to preserve something intangible through block prints. As someone who is struggling with progressing hearing loss, these pieces serve not only as archives of the sounds that have shaped my ego and identity, but also as a source of reflection on their influence. Each of my pieces becomes a meditative experience, allowing me to ink, press, and lift repeatedly while I listen to the audio recordings. The application of color allows me to respond to the sound and hold an internal dialogue with it, giving me a way to grow beyond the immediate impact of the sound. I do these things over and over, until I can hear the sounds in my head each time I print, engraving them mentally for the time when I can no longer hear them whenever I wish.

Art & Design

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875 Perimeter Drive MS 2471
Moscow, ID

Phone: 208-885-4409

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