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UI Gateway Murals

Public Art: U of I Gateway Murals

Moscow self-identifies as the “Heart of the Arts” but this is not always evident in highly visible areas throughout town. We are interested in supporting, cultivating and activating art in public spaces to build a more engaged, visual and imaginative community on campus and beyond. To represent the strength and spirit of U of I collaborative community and the concepts of interdisciplinary communication, we hosted a call for artwork celebrating STEAMED (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math, Education, and Design).

Location: Side walls of the Art and Architecture East building facing downtown and Jackson/I-95. This location is an important yet not developed Gateway into the University and a perfect opportunity for us to showcase, strengthen, and blur the lines between campus and community.

Funding: This project was made possible with funding from the Student Arts-Fee grant, the College of Art and Architecture, facilities and a U and I Give crowdfunding campaign.

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