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National Recognition for Use of Sustainable Products in Hospitality Design

Project Overview

MICROHOOD is a creative co-living community in Queens, New York. A city that has long been recognized for its thriving cultural and artistic movements made possible through the blending and blurring of cultural barriers. Queens itself has been an icon for both the jazz and hip hop movements, the latter of which sparred artists to leave their marks across the city. Recently, Queens lost an international cultural landmark when the 5 Pointz Grafitti Museum was demolished. But the community’s outcry for a new creative core in the neighborhood is the mission of MICROHOOD. This new space represents the resurrection, renewal and revitalization of not only the community of Queens, but really for the city of New York. It celebrates the artists of the past while allowing new artists to flourish in a modern, sustainable, intentional shared community.

About Francene

“I was born and raised in Seattle, WA where I was exposed to the elements and have grown to appreciate the eclectic things in life. I love sushi, skiing, space, film, cooking, music, traveling, architecture and design. I find inspiration in unique individuals, captivating places and curious things; it is in these items that I rediscover and celebrate the art of design.”

Student: Francene Ray (ID '17)
Project: Microhood: A Creative Co-Living Community
Award: Ray received a $5k scholarship as winner of the undergraduate category in the NEWH Sustainable Design Competition showcase.

Interior Architecture and Design

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Interior Architecture and Design