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Mailing Address:
University of Idaho
1908 E. Chicago Street
Caldwell, ID 83605

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The University of Idaho Food Technology Center is a 7,000 sq ft certified food processing facility located in Caldwell, Idaho, adjacent to the University of Idaho Agribusiness Incubator.

Originally designed as a specialty foods co-packing operation, the center has been converted into a multi-purpose food production facility to serve the needs of a large variety of food processing needs. A portion of the facility is available for rent to individuals or companies that wish to produce their own specialty foods in a certified commercial kitchen. However, the remaining space had been converted into a pilot plant to assist established companies with contract research and development, Good Laboratory Practices food processing studies, and food quality and safety analysis.

The center is administered by the University of Idaho and Washington State University School of Food Science food scientists and production specialists. Faculty as well as state and local agency professionals are available for project assistance, collaboration and supervision. Student interns from the Moscow campus may also be available to assist with some projects at the Food Technology Center or your facility.

Equipment list

Steam processing

  • 150 gallon steam kettle
  • 75 gallon agitating steam kettle
  • 10 gallon electric kettle
  • Dixie canning retort

Food processors

  • 40 quart food processor
  • Table top food processor


  • Simplex filler (fluid product)
  • Per-fil auger filler (dry product)
  • Shrink tunnel
  • Universal labeler (round containers)


  • Butcher boy ribbon blender
  • Univex 20 quart mixer
  • Hobart 60 quart mixer
  • Handheld immersion blenders


  • Gas stove
  • Zephaire convection oven
  • Tri-star convection oven
  • Commercial microwave oven


  • Food pump
  • High pressure dishwashing machine
  • Legion braising pan
  • Proofing cabinet
  • Baking rack and commercial baking sheets
  • Stainless steel tables and basic kitchen utensils


  • Hobart 60 quart mixer
  • Butcher boy blender
  • Gemco dry blender
  • 15 l Tumble blender
  • Blakeslee mixer

Canning equipment

  • Dixie can sealer — small can
  • Dixie can sealer — large can
  • Presto pressure cooker
  • Reid Brothers steam retort adapted for steam distillation


  • IEC centrifuge
  • International Harvester cream separator
  • International Harvester/McCormick Deering cream separator


  • Lan-Elec slicer
  • Bloomfield Industries French fry cutters
  • Robot Coupe food processor


  • Laboratory bin dryer
  • Laboratory tray dryer
  • Overton single drum dryer


  • Laboratory 7.5 l vacuum evaporator
  • Lee 10 gallon vacuum evaporator


  • Hollymatic juice extractor


  • Wells deep fat fryer


  • Hobart meat grinder
  • Craftsman electric chipper/shredder
  • Buhler wheat mill
  • Weber pulverizing mill
  • FMC vibratory feeder
  • Langenskamp pulper finisher
  • Suntech fruit press w/ hammer mill
  • Zambelli/Cantinetta crusher destemmer


  • 35 l Groen steam kettle
  • 75 l steam kettle
  • 150 l Hubbert steam kettle
  • 150 l Legion steam kettle
  • 150 l Cleveland Range steam kettle
  • 35 l Swept Surface steam kettle

Peeling equipment

  • Hobart scrubber and citrus scarifier
  • K&K steam peeler
  • Cooks tool automatic peeler
  • Toldedo potato chip peeler


  • Suntech fruit press
  • Star filter press
  • Screw press


  • Cherry Burrell heat exchanger
  • Moyno pump
  • Graco pump
  • Tri-clover positive displacement pump
  • Burks high pressure pump
  • Dayton/Gast vacuum pump


  • Sweco sifter


  • Cleveland range steam cabinet

  • Hobart 4.5 l table top mixer
  • Glen Mills table top grinder
  • Champion juicer
  • Westinghouse electric stove
  • Berron tray dryer
  • Impulse bag sealer
  • Hotpack oven
  • Osterizer electric blender
  • Tyler sieve shaker
  • Sunbeam food processor
  • Cenco moisture balance
  • Ohauw moisture balance
  • Refractometers
  • pH meters
  • Hygrometers
  • Digital velometer
  • Digital tachometer
  • Braun hand blender


Mailing Address:
University of Idaho
1908 E. Chicago Street
Caldwell, ID 83605

Phone: 208-795-5331