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Get your tickets now for the 2019 University of Idaho Fish & Wildlife Film Festival!

Tickets are now available for this unique festival that connects people with nature through film. Enjoy short films that span a broad array of subjects in the following categories:

  • Animal behavior and ecology
  • Science and research
  • Wildlife-human connections
  • “Wild Side" (fun, creative and unusual formats such as music videos)

Tickets $5. Students and Children are Free.

Buy or reserve your tickets today for March 27, 6:00 p.m. and March 28, 6:30 p.m.

2019 Fish & Wildlife Film Festival Preview

Schedule and Ticket Purchase

Contact us

Fish & Wildlife Film Festival
875 Perimeter Drive
MS 1136
Moscow, ID, 83844


  • All submissions should be 1-10 minutes long, unless submitting as a "feature film", and should be primarily original footage taken by the submitter or their team members (i.e., little or no stock footage). The submitter must have received permission to use any non-original audio (i.e., music) or video content. Video quality should be HD to facilitate in-theatre screening.
  • All submissions should be based on scientifically-accurate information, and with the exception of "wild side" submissions, must include at least some verbal communication, which should be in English (or subtitled).
  • Film makers should indicate which category they think their submission should fall under (although we reserve the right to change submission categories as needed).
  • All submissions may be used in our film festival outreach activities during subsequent years.
  • Each film maker may only submit 2 films total, and each film must be in a separate category.

  • The top 3 entries from each of the 4 categories will be awarded prizes, and the top entry, along with the best student (K-graduate school) entries from each category, will be screened at our festival, along with 1 longer (10-15 minutes) feature film from professional wildlife film makers (which should be entered as "feature films" when selecting an appropriate category during submission).
  • Top entries will be determined by a panel of judges from the wildlife and creative professions. The top entry from each category will be awarded cash prizes.

The Fish & Wildlife Film Festival at the University of Idaho is dedicated to enhancing knowledge and stewardship of wild nature, including fish and wildlife, the wild landscapes they depend on, and the communities that they sustain.

Through our film festival, we challenge filmmakers at all levels, from K-12 students to university students and professionals, to develop and share dynamic films that excite and engage for the benefit of nature and natural resources.

We received over 120 submissions from more than 30 countries around the world. Below are our winners in each category, as well as official selections.

Decision  Category  Filmmaker  Project Title
1st Science and research Meigan Henry Mexican Fishing Bats
1st Ecology and behavior Mike Johnson Oceanic Aliens
1st Science and research Tracy Graziano Ruffed Grouse
1st Wildlife-human connections Daniel Schmidt Running Wild 
1st Wild side Mark Burchick The Local Oyster Stout
1st Feature-length film George Olah The Macaw Project - Biologists, Ecotourists and Local Communities for the Amazonian Rainforest
K12 1st K-12 Student Tia Vierling The Fin of the Shark: A Cautionary Tale
K12 2nd
K-12 Student Avery Caudill Return to the River
K12 3rd K-12 Student David Benjamin The Bird Painter
Runner up Ecology and behavior David Garrison Beauty and the Feast: When Herring Come to Spawn
Runner up Wildlife-human connections Shaktiraj Jadeja HOME
Runner up Wild side Victoria Osborn Stream That I Call Home
University student 1st University Student Robert Glowacky Bringing Back Bodrik
University student 2nd University Student Itai Hagage Below 0¡
University student 3rd University Student Cody Dey The Birds and the Bears
Official Selection Science and research Meigan Henry  Auditing the Blue Blood Bank
Official Selection Wildlife-human connections Scott Rulander Clark Fork River Delta "Restoring Wildlife Habitat for Future Generations"
Official Selection Wildlife-human connections James Gregg Climate Change PSA
Official Selection Wildlife-human connections Jeremy Roberts Cold Waters (short)
Official Selection Wild Side James Gregg Fun Facts About Goats
Official Selection Wild Side Nadasdy Film Habitat
Official Selection Science and research Meigan Henry Here Be Tiny Dragons (and Other Micro Beasts)
Official Selection Science and research Jeremy Roberts Saving Ferrets with Peanut Butter and Drones
Official Selection Science and research Nick Brown The Kodiak Brown Bear Project

Sophie Gilbert, Lisette Waits

Planning Committee:
Faculty - Kerri Vierling, Chris Caudill, David Roon, Russell Meuff

Graduate Students:
Ian Smith, Nicole Bilodeau

Contact Us

Fish and Wildlife Sciences

Physical Address:
975 W. 6th Street
Moscow, Idaho

Mailing Address:
875 Perimeter Drive MS 1136
Moscow, ID 83844-1136

Phone: 208-885-6434

Fax: 208-885-5534


Web: College of Natural Resources

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