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The Restoration Ecology and Habitat Management curriculum integrates Ecology and Management, Tools and Technology, and Policy, Planning, and Society. Students select courses from within each of these categories, in addition to completing a 16 credit Core Curriculum. Up to 12 semester credits can be transferred into the program from other institutions. Coursework must include a minimum of 18 credits numbered 500 or above. All 32 courses below are available entirely online.

30 Total Credits Required:

NR 599 Non-Thesis Research (2 cr, online, all Spring, Summer, Fall)
REM 440 Wildland Restoration Ecology (3 cr online, Spring)
NRS 580 Restoration Ecology Practicum (2 cr, online, Summer)
FISH 540 Wetland Restoration (3 cr, Summer)
REM 507 Landscape and Habitat Dynamics (3 cr, online, Fall, odd years)
ENVS 579 Introduction to Environmental Regulations (3 cr, online, Fall) -or- NRS 588 NEPA in Policy and Practice (3 cr, online, Summer)

WLF 440 Conservation Biology (2 cr, online, Summer)
REM 429 Landscape Ecology (3 cr, online and in-person, Spring)
REM 456 Integrated Rangeland Management (3 cr, online, Spring)
REM 459 Rangeland Ecology (3 cr, online, Fall)
FOR 526 Fire Ecology (3 cr, online, Fall)
FISH 515 Large River Fisheries (2 cr, online, Fall odd years)
FISH 525 Aquaculture in Relation to Wild Fish Populations (2 cr, online, Spring)
ENVS 544 Water Quality in the Pacific Northwest (3 cr, online, Fall)
SOIL 446 Soil Fertility (3 cr, online, Spring)
SOIL 422 Environmental Soil Chemistry (3 cr, online, Fall)

ENVS 579 Introduction to Environmental Regulations (3 cr, online, Fall: if not taken in the Core)
NRS 588 NEPA in Policy and Practice (3 cr, online, Summer: if not taken in the Core)
FOR 584 Natural Resource Policy Development (3 cr, online, Spring)
NR 507 Moral Reasoning in Natural Resources (3cr, online, Summer)
BIOP 523 Planning Sustainable Places (3 cr, online, Fall)
ENVS 546 Drinking Water and Human Health (3 cr, online, Spring)
NRS 576 Environmental Project Management and Decision Making (2 cr, online, Spring)
FS 536 Principles of Sustainability (3 cr, online, Fall/Spring)

REM 410/REM 520 Principles of Vegetation Measurement and Monitoring (2/3cr, online, Fall)
FOR 451 Fuels Inventory and Management (3 cr, online, Spring)
REM 407 GIS Application in Fire Ecology and Management (3 cr, online Spring)
GEOG 524 Hydrologic Applications of GIS and Remote Sensing (3 cr, online, Fall)
WLF 561 Landscape Genetics (2 cr, online, Spring- even years)
WLF 540 Conservation Genetics (1-3 cr, online, Summer)
ENVS 450 Environmental Hydrology (3 cr, online, Spring)
NRS 578 Lidar and Optical Remote Sensing Analysis Using Open Source Software (3 cr, online, Spring)

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