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FAQ During COVID19

Instructors should be aware that as we move to distance learning, the University is still legally obligated to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act. This means students' accommodations must still be provided. Instructors with questions are encouraged to contact CDAR by emailing or calling 208-885-6307. Email being preferred as phone availability may change as the situation develops. 

While a completely accessible class is always CDAR's goal, we realize that that may not be possible given the time frame. Instructors should review the accommodations of students in their courses in the CDAR Instructor Portal and focus efforts on ensuring those accommodations are met.  Download CDAR Instructor Portal Guide

Instructors moving exams to BBLearn should extend time for students with an extended time accommodation. Instructions for setting Exam Exceptions can be found here. Instructors with BBLearn questions should contact CETL

Extended Time accommodations do not apply to take home exams. 

CDAR Testing Services is closed for in person proctoring until further notice (as of 04/20/2020). Faculty should email with questions or concerns related to testing accommodations. 

Reading materials posted online should be accessible. A simple way to test a PDF is to copy the text and paste it into a Word document. If you aren't able to copy and paste the text, the document is not accessible. Instructors needing assistance finding accessible materials or remediating scans should email

The stress of sudden changes can cause flair ups with many disabilities. Instructors are encouraged to reach out to students with a flexible assignment deadline accommodation to ensure there is a plan for extending deadlines should the student need to do so. 

Instructors with a student requiring captioning should ensure that the Captionist is added to all Zoom meetings. Additionally instructors should ensure all videos used include captions. For assistance with Captioning, email

Most student notetakers are other students enrolled in the course. In situations where CDAR's student notetaker is not enrolled in the course, CDAR has already reached out to those instructors to ensure the notetaker has access to course materials. If you have questions about notetaking, please email

University of Idaho's Center for Disability Access and Resources recommends that faculty and instructors include on all syllabi a statement informing students with disabilities of their right to request reasonable accommodations in the classroom.

Center for Disability Access and Resources (CDAR) coordinates services to meet the educational needs of students with temporary or permanent disabilities. CDAR works with students and faculty to arrange reasonable accommodations and promote an environment that is inclusive for all learners.

Please include the following statement on all syllabi:

Students with disabilities needing accommodations to fully participate in this class should contact Center for Disability Access and Resources (CDAR). All accommodations must be approved through CDAR prior to being implemented. To learn more about the accommodation process, visit CDAR's website at or call 208-885-6307.

Alternate Testing Agreement

Instructors may now submit proctoring instructions to be applied to all exams, quizzes and final exams for a specific course through the CDAR Access Portal.

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