• Overview
  • Explore the dirty details of soil.

    Healthy agriculture and ecosystems begin with quality soil. Industry, growers and landowners must overcome challenges like contamination and erosion to maintain this quality. That’s where soil scientists come in.

    This program examines the characteristics of soils and practical tools for making soils healthier. You will learn to apply knowledge in biology, chemistry and physics to conserve and improve soil and water quality for farming, bioremediation, development, and much more.

    Much of your education will take place in the plant science farms, greenhouses, labs, and in the field, where you might collect soil samples for analysis, investigate water contaminants, or measure plant nutrients.

  • Degree Fit
  • This degree could be a good fit if you:
    • Enjoy working outdoors
    • Are strong in biology, chemistry and other sciences
    • Like to do research in the field and lab
    • Want to improve the environment
    • Are a creative problem solver
  • Career Outcomes
  • With this degree, you could become a/an:
    • Soil conservation technician
    • Agricultural specialist
    • Environmental consultant
    • Environmental quality specialist
    • Field scientist