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Woman of the Year

The Athena Women of the Year award is given annually to women who have demonstrated clear and sustained dedication to women’s professional enhancement at the University of Idaho. Women of the Year are women who truly represent the mission of Athena and fearlessly engage both professionally and personally in making changes that support and forward the mission of Athena. These are women who have truly gone above and beyond the call of duty to provide mentorship to other women, advocate for an inclusive and supportive climate, volunteering and engaging across the University in ways that carry out in word and deed the mission of Athena. Nominees may also be engaged in other efforts, beyond our campus.

This award should not be based on a single achievement, but rather on the totality of a person’s efforts over a sustained period of time carried out on behalf of women at U of I.

Nominees must be women currently working in a U of I board-appointed position of at least half-time and have worked at U of I for a minimum of three years.

2019 Recipients

Kristin Henrich

Associate Professor, Interim Associate Dean and Head of User and Research Services, University of Idaho Libraries

Henrich embodies Athena’s mission, advocating for an equitable climate within the library and across campus and elevating voices of her colleagues, especially the women. She mentors incoming librarians, endorsing an inclusive intersectional environment by helping them adjust to new professional roles and providing support and perspective. Henrich has been instrumental in making high-quality educational materials accessible to all students along with helping to develop a comprehensive service training program for library student workers. Henrich designed the MILL (Making Innovating and Learning Laboratory), filled with state-of-the-art technology and a vision to create a low-risk collaborative learning environment for all disciplines

Kristin Henrich Headshot
Kristin Henrich

Leontina "LT" Hormel

Professor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Hormel tirelessly strives to advance women — both her colleagues and the students she mentors and advises. Her work both within and beyond the classroom is highly interdisciplinary, intersectional and intentional. She specializes in gender and class inequalities, serving as the director of the academic minor women’s, gender and sexuality studies program. Hormel is highly engaged in co-curricular programming offered by the Women’s Center, continually donating generously of her time and personal resources to supporting the center’s work. Hormel has made deliberate, purposeful efforts to advance the careers of her female colleagues and students and highlight their contributions to the institution by co-authoring academic papers and book chapters with them and inviting them into her research projects.

Leontina Hormel Headshot
Leontina Hormel