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Professional Development

As part of its mission to improve K12 learning in Idaho Schools through effective technology integration, the Doceo Center provides a variety of professional development solutions to schools and districts throughout the state.

Web resources

The Doceo Center actively collects, vets, and shares online resources and research useful for supporting teaching and learning. Resident technology integration specialists also regularly create and share videos related to emerging technologies for learning and effective technology integration strategies.

Access is free and does not require a login, and schools and districts are free to use resources in the portal to support their own professional development efforts.

The Doceo Center can also work with schools and districts to provide specialized content for their institutions via web streaming and other technologies on a contractual basis.

University-based workshops

The University of Idaho is home to the Doceo Center’s Technology Research Lab, which is used for delivering a variety of workshops related to technology integration. The contents of these workshops are typically shared, and by inviting educators into the Technology Research Lab, they are empowered to explore a variety of new technologies to preemptively determine educational value for implementation at local sites. Resources available through the Technology Research Lab include a range of interactive displays, tablets, document cameras, laptops, e-book readers, collaborative media stations, and scientific devices.

University-based workshop sessions tend to be exploratory and learner-centered so that participants will gain maximum benefit from the experience to bring relevant knowledge back to their settings.

School-based workshops

In concert with schools and districts, the Doceo Center works to determine highly contextualized solutions that address local needs. Doceo Center technology integration specialists conduct site-based workshops with teachers and administrators focused on improving learning through the technology resources available on-hand and online. Specific needs require specific solutions, and Doceo Center staff can work with you to determine and provide solutions that are suitable for your context.

Online communities of practice

The Doceo Center functions on connectivist principles of learning, and we believe that forming and sustaining professional relationships is central to supporting on-going innovation and lifelong learning. As such, all of our professional development approaches utilize web technologies to create and sustain online communities of practice, which permit participants to gain continued value from the know-how and resources of others they connect with in a workshop.

Program development and evaluation

Doceo Center researchers also work with schools and districts to implement technology initiatives and to evaluate their success based upon measurable outcomes. Depending upon your institution's needs and resources and the types of solutions that you are looking for, the Doceo Center may work with your institution under contract or as part of our research agenda. If you would like to implement a technology initiative in your school or would like help evaluating an existing initiative, please contact us to determine how we might best assist you in this process.


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