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Steps to Becoming a Teacher

Follow the steps below as an outline to your journey on becoming a teacher. Specific details may vary depending on your situation.

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Step 0 - Find your interests and more about our teaching degree programs, speak with an advisor to plan a path you want to take in becoming a teacher, and learn about specific opportunities like IKEEP that may be designed for your situation. More details can be found on our Potential Teacher Candidates page.

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Step 1Apply to a degree program from U of I that leads to teacher certification in Idaho. We offer undergraduate and graduate level degrees, plus accelerated programs like Secondary Education (M.A.T.) which allows you to use an existing degree to teach a related subject. For more details, visit our Teacher Education Programs page.

apple with U of I background and text "How to Become a teacher Step 2 - Apply to teacher education program"

Step 2 - Apply to the Teacher Education Program at U of I. Prerequisites include GPA ( > 2.75), fingerprinting submitted, and advisor interview. Once met, use our online teacher education program application.

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Step 3 - Teacher candidates work with a placement coordinator and apply to receive a teaching assignment. Prerequisites include scheduled PRAXIS exam and passed background check. Details can be found on our Student Teaching Internships page. When time, use our online Student Teaching Internship application and our online Bio-Packet Submission (week of interview).

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Step 4 - Apply for Degree and Program Completion. Your specific process may be different depending on your situation. Details for each can be found on the U of I Registrar's Graduation page. For teacher certification only students (not to be confused with Academic Certificates), please contact Taylor Raney for details on graduation requirements.

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Step 5 -  The Certification Officer will review all needed items before submitting to the State Board of Education (SBE) for teacher certification or additional teaching endorsements. Details on that process can be found on our Educator and Athletic Training Licensure page as well as the SBE Initial Certificate for Idaho Graduates page. For further questions, contact Taylor Raney.

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Step 6 - Career Services at the U of I is available for assistance in finding employment. Some of our programs will also provide additional assistance as part of its cohort benefits.

Contact Information

For questions about background checks/fingerprints:
Student Services Coordinator
Phone: 208-885-6610
Office: ED 300

For questions involving student teacher internships in Coeur d'Alene area:
Warren Bakes, Instructor and Coordinator of Student Placement
Phone: 208-885-2532
Office: CDA Harbor Center, Room 127A

For status or submission of your teacher education program application:
Andrea Chavez, Undergraduate Program Advisor
Phone: 208-885-7446
Office: ED 303

For assistance with general questions regarding the teacher education program:
Taylor Raney, Associate Chair, Director of Teacher Education & Clinical Associate Professor
Phone: 208-885-1027
Office: ED 507

For questions involving student teacher internships in Moscow area:
Tonia Dousay, Associate Dean of Assessment and Accreditation, Researcher, Doceo Center for Innovation + Learning, Associate Professor
Phone: 208-885-0123
Office: ED 505

Campus Locations

Physical Address:
Bruce M. Pitman Center
875 Perimeter Drive MS 4264
Moscow, ID 83844-4264

Phone: 208-885-6111

Fax: 208-885-9119