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Our People

Chemical and Materials Engineering, Faculty

D. Eric Aston, Ph.D.

Department Chair

McClure Hall 403B


Campus: Moscow
Courses: Intro to ChemE, ChemE Thermodynamics, Separation Processes, Microcosms & Nanotechnology, Applications of Nanomaterials in Biomolecular Engr., Scanning Probe Microscopy, Surface Instrumentation, Interfacial Science, ChemE Labs
Areas of Expertise: Colloids and Interfacial Phenomena, Scanning Probe Microscopy, Nanowires, Adhesion and Thin Films, Microfluidics and Chemical Sensors, Polymers and Composites, Nanotechnology

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Buchanan 305


Campus: Moscow
Courses: Mechanics of Material, Dynamics of Material, Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Engineering Fluid Mechanics, Introduction to ChE, Material and Energy Balance, Environmental Modeling and Design, Transport and Rate Proc., Environmental Management and Design, ChE. Process Analysis and Design, Modeling in Electrolysis Process, Transport Phenomena
Areas of Expertise: Bioremediation Process Modeling, Gas Separation Membranes, Electrodialysis Membrane Separation, Hollow Fiber Bioreactors, Transport and Kinetics of Heavy Metal, Dyes, Halogenated Hydrocarbon, Low-Level Radio-Nuclides Removal From Contaminated Water and Soils

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Matthew Bernards, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Buchanan 302


Campus: Moscow
Courses: Computations in Chemical Engineering, ChE 453 Process Analysis and Design I and II
Areas of Expertise: Biology-Material Interfacial Interactions, Polyampholyte Polymers, Bone Tissue Engineering, Beta-Votaic Microbatteries

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Indrajit Charit, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

McClure Hall 405D


Campus: Moscow
Courses: Physical Metallurgy, Mechanical Behavior of Materials, Radiation Effects on Materials, Fundamentals of Nuclear Materials, Microstructures and Defects
Areas of Expertise: Processing-Microstructure-Property Correlations, Nuclear Materials, Structural Materials, High Temperature Mechanical Behavior of Materials, Advanced Manufacturing

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Samrat Choudhury, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

McClure Hall 303C


Campus: Moscow
Courses: Electronic Materials
Areas of Expertise: Structure-property relationship in materials, Multi-scale modeling of materials, Materials informatics, Nuclear materials, Energy materials, Multi-functional materials

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Gautam Kumar, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

McClure Hall 401D


Campus: Moscow
Courses: Process Analysis and Control, Digital Process Control
Areas of Expertise: Optimal control theory, Stochastic model predictive control, Stochastic systems, Computational neuroscience, Neural Engineering, Computational Psychiatry, Brain Medicine

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James Moberly, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Buchanan 311


Campus: Moscow
Areas of Expertise: Interactions between heavy metals and microorganisms, Effect of metal speciation on toxicity and bioavailability in bacteria

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McClure Hall 407B


Campus: Moscow
Areas of Expertise: Nanomaterials, Extractive Metallurgy, Bio-Corrosion and Remediation

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Krishnan Raja, Ph.D., P.E.

Associate Professor

McClure Hall 407A


Campus: Moscow
Courses: Ceramic Materials, Instrumental Analysis, Metallic Materials, Nuclear Degradation Mechanisms, Nuclear Component Inspection
Areas of Expertise: Energy Conversion Materials, Energy Storage Materials, Nuclear Materials, Electrochemical Synthesis of Nanomaterials

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Mark Roll, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

McClure Hall 407C


Campus: Moscow
Courses: Elements of Materials Science, Introduction to Materials Thermodynamics, Fundamentals of Polymeric Materials
Focus Areas: Materials Chemistry, Macromolecular Clusters, Quartz Crystal Microbalance, Polymers and Composites

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Buchanan 310


Campus: Moscow
Areas of Expertise: microfluidics, bio-separations, designing lab-on-a-chip system for medical diagnostic applications using dielectrophoresis, modeling and simulations, educational research

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Vivek Utgikar, Ph.D., P.E.

Professor, Associate Dean for Research and Economic Development

Buchanan 312


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John Wiencek, Ph.D.

Provost and Executive Vice President

Administration Building 105


Campus: Moscow

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Haiyan Zhao, Ph.D., P.E.

Assistant Professor

Center for Advanced Energy Studies 257


Campus: Idaho Falls
Areas of Expertise: Catalysis for environment and fuels, Electrochemistry, Corrosion, Molten salts/ionic liquids, Pyroprocessing, Fuel cycle, Waste form.

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Chemical and Materials Engineering, Staff

Margaret Baker

Department Manager

Margaret Baker

Buchanan 309


Gail Bergman

Administrative Assistant

Gail Bergman

Buchanan 308


Charles Cornwall

Scientific Instrument Maker

Charles Cornwall

Buchanan 226


Dave MacPherson

Research/Instructional Associate

Dave McPhearson

Buchanan 343


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Chemical & Materials Engineering
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