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Family Finance

Classes and Workshops

We offer classroom-style presentations where participants are given valuable, research-based information. We also offer workshops with an additional element of hands-on participation.

View our class and workshop topics below. Call 208-883-2241 for more information, set up a group presentation or request a private confidential appointment with Karen Richel,

Life Skills Classes

Learn ways to balance time, manage stress, feed, move and rest your body. Class is offered as individual classes or a succession of five workshops.

Are you looking for a way to simplify your life? This class challenges you to de-clutter and restore your balance and peace of mind.

Learn the basics of couponing, find new places to get coupons you can use and discover tips, ideas and etiquette for couponing with finesse. You’ll also explore healthy eating ideas and resources.

Finance Classes

This interactive scavenger hunt helps you learn about important financial topics that can help you live a more successful fiscal life. Explore goal setting, tracking expenses, budgeting, debt management, insurance, credit, bankruptcy and more to get the answers to all of your burning questions about money.

Learn the basics of credit and how to make it work for you, not against you. With new regulations on consumer credit, this is a great opportunity to learn how new laws will affect your credit and financial future.

Learn how to avoid identity theft and restore your financial life if you become a victim.

If someone died in your family, how would you divide their assets without dividing your family? Learn proven communication techniques on how to approach this subject with family members.

Learn how to recognize the signs of predatory lending and avoid predatory lending situations.

The often intimidating task of selecting health insurance coverage receives assistance in this workshop as the selection process is explained, outlining differences in plans and highlighting the factors that may influence decisions. Smart Choice does not advocate for any specific plan or source. Smart Choice teaches consumers so they can make their own informed choice.

Interactive Simulations

Simulations are events that require volunteers and larger spaces and are highly interactive. Learning is discovered through participation.

Contact Karen Richel at or 208-883-2241 for availability and schedules.

This simulation is designed to teach youth how much real life costs. Participants are given an example job and monthly salary to learn how to budget and spend according to their means.

Learn basic financial skills while exploring how education, career and relationship decisions can help or hinder your future.

This simulation is designed to teach children (ages eight to 13-years-old) the dangers of credit and how to use it wisely.

Send your students on a credit card spending spree and let them experience first-hand how much credit costs.

This reality game demonstrates how different social classes interact with each other, even when money isn’t a factor. This is a great learning experience and completely shocking.

Learn what you can do to help end poverty.

Explore career opportunities and make lifestyle and spending choices. Adaptable for use in a three-hour activity or in multiple classroom sessions.


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