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Farmers Markets

Hello Healthy,

It’s April, and to us at Eat Smart Idaho, that signifies farmer’s market season. Grab your bags and walking shoes and get out there!

The culture and sense of community that comes from the farmer’s market is like a little weekly celebration of healthy living. Getting outside and surrounding yourself with people who also appreciate and support a healthy lifestyle is a refreshing way to spend an afternoon. 

Reasons to make your local farmer's market a weekly to-do:

  • Shopping for food in the sunshine is a beautiful concept.
  • It is easy to be happy and confident in the decision to purchase local produce from local farmers.
  • The produce you are purchasing has only traveled an average of 50 miles; this is in comparison to the average of 2,000 miles that supermarket produce travels.
  • It's a wonderful opportunity for children to learn where our food comes from.
  • It is so satisfying eating an apple or preparing sweet corn when you know the family farm that harvested it.
  • Many markets and vendors accept S.N.A.P. benefits.
  • Walking the market is great exercise
  • The farmer's market not only provides fresh produce and homemade goods, but a positive and active environment that reminds us how wonderful Idaho is. Find the market in your area.

This slide show was put together by the University of Nebraska Lincoln Extension on farmers markets in the US. Check it out to learn more.

Until Next Week,

Eat Smart Idaho, University of Idaho Extension