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Sugary Sentiments from Hello Healthy!

Hello Healthy,

Valentine’s Day is over, which makes it a perfect time to evaluate your relationship with sugar. We all love a sweet treat now and then, but the problem is, added sugars do not love us back. We have put together some things to take in to consideration when choosing what sweets to have in your life, and what to avoid.

Know the difference between added and natural sugars.

Added Sugars

  • Added sugars are processed sugars from an outside source that have been added to your food or drinks. These are the sugars we want to avoid but identifying them can get tricky sometimes.
  • Big sources of added sugar include soda, sweet coffee drinks, juices, sugary cereal, candy and chocolates, flavored yogurt, pastries, etc.
  • The best way to reduce your intake of added sugars is to know how to spot them. There is a long list of names for processed sugars that may come up on your nutrition labels.
  • has provided a list of added sugars and more information about avoiding sugar.

Natural Sugars

  • Natural Sugars include fructose, found in fruits, and lactose, found in milk. Both milk and fruit are nutrient rich foods that contain natural sugar. 
  • The protein and fiber found in these foods is not only nutritious, but takes longer to digest; this allows the sugar to digest properly as well. This is why you feel fuller longer without an afternoon sugar crash.
  • Try replacing your candy bar with frozen blueberries and low-fat yogurt next time you need to satisfy your sweet tooth, you won’t regret it!

Take a moment to reflect on your relationship with sugar. How can you replace added sugars with natural options? Join us on Facebook and tell us how you avoid added sugars in your diet!

Until Next Week,

Eat Smart Idaho, University of Idaho Extension