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Colorful Eating

Hello Healthy,

Our cold winter days are coming to a close — there is sight of sunshine in our future! Here at ESI we are very ready for Idaho to take bloom this spring — we need some color in our lives!

The beautiful colors of an Idaho spring can bring energy and life into anyone’s day. Want to know something awesome? Bringing that Idaho aesthetic into your kitchen can bring the same life and energy into your body. We are firm believers in having color in your diet. That’s why we are in full support of using My Plate to eat smart.

Color Your Plate

  • My Plate recommends that half of your plate is fruits and vegetables. This leaves so much room for colorful options. Try letting your kids pick a fruit or vegetable of their favorite color, or challenge yourself to have no combinations of the same color on your plate.
  • Make at least half of your grains whole grains, like brown rice or quinoa — mix in some corn for some color!
  • Don’t forget dairy; low fat options are best!
  • And of course, eat that protein. Chicken, salmon, eggs and beans are all delicious choices to add color to your plate and energy to your life.

Challenge Yourself

For example: a pot of colorful vegetables.
Can you come up with a beautifully colored meal this week? Give it a shot! Take photos and tag us on Facebook or Instagram — we’d love to see what you have cooking.

Until Next Week,

Eat Smart Idaho, University of Idaho Extension