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Eat Smart, Idaho

Hello Idaho!

Nothing beats fresh produce, and nothing beats the produce from the farmers market. By attending your local farmers market, you are not only supporting the health of your own family, but you are supporting Idaho farmers, local vendors and the community as a whole.

Six Reasons to Visit A Farmers Market

1. The best flavor and quality.

You're the highest quality food fresh from the farm. There is hardly a commute unlike that from a grocery store.

2. Buying local supports the local economy.

Spending money with local Idaho vendors supports Idaho communities. It comes full circle.

Fresh produce

3. Children learn where food comes from.

What better way to educate your kids about good food than a hands on experience with the people who grew it?

4. You get fresh air, exercise and a community experience while you shop.

Vitamin D is amazing for your health. You get it for free at the farmers market any time the sun is out.

5. Many accept cash, card or SNAP benefits.

We generally advise to bring cash over a card, but many take it all. Look in to your local market to see what benefits are accepted.

6. Idaho farmers and vendors know their stuff.

Not sure what to do with a certain vegetable? Ask the vendor what the recommend. You might walk away with a new favorite recipe.

Not sure where the closest market is to you? Here is a schedule of farmers markets all throughout Idaho.

Boise: Farmers Markets Come to You

The Boise Farmers Mobile Market brings fresh produce right to your neighborhood. They also take cash, card and SNAP benefits. If you missed the Boise Farmers Market this week, check the schedule below to see when they are coming to your neighborhood. How convenient! Schedule for the Boise Farmers Mobile Market (PDF)

Until Next Week,

Eat Smart Idaho, University of Idaho Extension


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