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Good Luck Greens

Hello Healthy,

Happy St. Patrick's Week!

Did you know that 87 percent of Americans are eating less than the recommended amount of veggies? And 74 percent are not getting enough fruit. This week, let’s focus on getting those greens! Here are a few of our favorites that will bring much more than good luck to your health.


This versatile super food is packed with vitamins and nutrients, and lucky us — it's in season! Asparagus fluctuates in price throughout the year; spring is prime time to get ahold of this power house veggie. It can be cooked in so many different ways and works so well as a side to just about any dish.

Green Apples

Some say that one apple gives you as much energy as a cup of coffee! We like green apples because their bold flavor is a solid sweet tooth satisfier. The health benefits in a juicy apple far surpass that of a candy bar because our body digests natural sugars in a much more positive way than added sugars. Next time you are craving candy or soda, grab an apple instead! This simple change can do a lot for your health.


Spinach is an amazingly nutrient rich little plant and can be enjoyed in so many different ways. Fresh or cooked, there is no reason not to be incorporating it into our meals! Don’t like the texture? Chop it up in a food processor and throw it into a pasta or casserole dish to add color and flavor. You really cannot go wrong with this queen of the greens. Popeye was really on to something back in the day.

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Until Next Week,

Eat Smart Idaho, University of Idaho Extension