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10 things to do in Idaho this fall

Hello Idaho!

There are few more beautiful places than Idaho in the fall. With the summer being over and the kids back in school, it is so easy to let the brilliance of Idaho’s autumn slip by from inside our cozy homes. While we are all for spending time together at the dinner table, we want to challenge you to get outside and enjoy Idaho’s awe-inspiring autumn. We have put together a to-do list of our fall favorites to ensure you get the most out of our changing season.

Ten things to do in Idaho this fall, text over pumpkin patch.

Ten things to do this fall

  1. Take a hike. The rustling leaves of the mountains are calling again. Any time is a good time for a hike in Idaho, but almost anywhere you go, the views will impress this time of year. 
  2. Go to a corn maze. It’s not like they are hard to find around here.
  3. Find a haunted house. If you’re like us, you’ll surely get your heart rate up by running through as fast as you possibly can.
  4. Have a picnic in the park. The trees that you normally sit under have never looked so beautiful.
  5. Get cider from the farmers market. Farmers market season is coming to an end, better get your fresh finds in while you can.
  6. Pick out a pumpkin from a pumpkin patch. Sure, you can find a pumpkin at the grocery store, but there’s nothing like seeking out your perfect pumpkin from out in the field.
  7. Carve your pumpkin in the back yard. Save yourself a mess in the house and make your masterpiece out in the fresh air.
  8. Go fishing. The river is waiting for you.
  9. Collect autumn leaves to press. Or rake the leaves, and then jump in them! (and then re-rake them of course).
  10. Be a photographer. Idaho in the fall is proven to spice up your Instagram. 

Take advantage while you can! We want to see your fall in full color. Post your autumn adventures on Instagram or Facebook and tag us @eatsmartidaho #eatsmartidaho. We will feature our favorite fall finds on our page.

Until Next Week,

Eat Smart Idaho, University of Idaho Extension