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"Water is Just Fine, Thanks"

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Eat Smart Idaho, University of Idaho Extension

Remember to water your kids.

Fewer sugary drinks

Water and low-fat milk provide low-cost, low-calorie alternatives to sugary drinks. High intake of sugar-sweetened beverages among children is associated with being overweight and obesity, displacement of milk consumption and dental cavities. The AAP recommends that children 1–6 years old consume no more than 4–6 ounces of 100 percent juice per day and youth 7–18 years old consume no more than 8–12 ounces.

  • Serve water or low-fat milk instead. Both are healthy, low-cost alternatives to sugary drinks.
  • Mix half water and half juice. Enjoy the flavor of juice, but with only half the sugar.
  • Pass on the pop. Soda has no nutritional value but lots of calories. It also increases the occurrence of cavities and may increase the risk of bone fractures later in life.

Remember: Water’s the best drink for your kids — whether it’s straight from the tap or stealthy as dilution to less healthy drinks.

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