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Departments are not authorized to sign contracts on behalf of the University. All Contracts for the purchase of goods or services must be reviewed and signed by Contracts and Purchasing Services.

Consulting and Independent Contractor Agreements must be reviewed and signed by Contracts and Purchasing Services.

Purchases of equipment, data processing software and equipment, and all contracts for consulting or professional services either in total or through time purchase or other financing agreements, between $500,000 and $999,999.99 require prior approval by the State Board of Education Executive Director. The Executive Director of the State Board of Education must be expressly advised when the recommended bid is other than the lowest qualified bid. Purchases exceeding $1,000,000 require prior approval of the full State Board of Education.

Affiliation Agreement Templates

These agreements should be utilized when students are seeking to complete their practicum at a location other than the University of Idaho. Please complete the template and upload the agreement as "Other Party's Form" in the online service agreements application in VandalWeb.

Facilities Use Agreement Template

A Facilities Use Agreement is used when someone is using or "renting" University buildings/rooms/space usually for an event. Please complete the template and upload the agreement as "Other Party's Form" in the online service agreements application in VandalWeb.

After the Fact Payment Request

After the fact payments for unauthorized services require the signature of the college/department Fiscal Officer and Dean/Department head. Unauthorized services include the following:

  • Services performed without an approved and fully executed contract
  • Services performed where proper policies and procedures were not followed

Contracts cannot be submitted for after the fact payments. Instead, users should complete the After the fact payment request form and submit the form to Contracts and Purchasing Services for review and approval.

Contractor vs. Employee form and IRS 20 Point Checklist for Independent Contractors

  • The Contractor vs. Employee form should be used prior to completing a contract to determine if an individual is correctly classified as an Independent Contractor or an Employee.
  • For more information on contractor vs. employee status please visit the How To Pay website.

Online Service Agreements Instructions

Online Service Agreements FAQ's

Bid Waiver Request (Formerly Sole Source)

  • Competitive bidding is required for all purchases over $10,000 unless a waiver of competition is granted by the Director of Contracts and Purchasing Services. Waivers will only be granted in accordance with Section 60.13 of the APM.

  • To submit a bid waiver request please complete this form and send it, along with the supporting documentation to Contracts and Purchasing Services.

Purchase Orders less than $10,000

  • Items totaling less than $10,000 may be purchased using a Purchase Order (PO). No competition is required for items purchased under $10,000.

  • Purchasing Cards are limited to purchases of $5,000.00.

  • Purchase Orders are created in the Banner system.

Request for Bid / Request for Quotation

  • The process is conducted by Purchasing Services only.

  • Request for Bids must include clearly defined specifications and are obtained electronically or in writing in a sealed bid process to be opened in a public bid opening. 

  • Please refer to Chapter 60.10 and 60.11 of the Administrative Procedures Manual for further information about RFQs and RFBs.

Contact Purchasing Services for more information.

Request for Proposal

  • A RFP is used for goods or services when consideration must be given to factors other than price. Evaluated on a predetermined point system based on evaluation criteria.

  • RFPs are prepared by Purchasing Services using technical information provided by the requestor of the goods and/or service.

  • Please refer to Chapter 60.12 of the Administrative Procedures Manual about RFPs.

Contact Purchasing Services for more information.

Ship to Address Request Form

  • All requisitions and purchase orders should utilize the central receiving code: 2281Z


Physical Address:

1028 W 6th Street

Mailing Address:

875 Perimeter Drive MS 2006 
Moscow, ID 83844-2006

Phone: 208-885-6116

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