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Work Study

Can I continue working at my on campus job?

As President Green shared in his message this morning, student-employees should check with their supervisor. Every effort will be made to help student employees maintain employment, which may mean a shift in work and/or work location, depending on the position.


I was told not to come back after Spring Break, can I earn the remainder of my work study award?

We are assessing flexibility the Department of Education has provided us to assist affected students. If you receive work study as part of your financial aid package, you will receive more information as it becomes available.


Will I be able to work remotely and earn work study funds?

We will share information as it becomes available.


I was offered work study but haven’t worked. I had unexpected expenses and need additional funds. Can I receive my work study award?

Students cannot earn offered work study funds if they haven’t worked this academic year. Please send an email ( explaining your circumstances and a financial aid counselor will review your situation.


What happens if I withdraw from all my classes due to COVID19?

If you withdraw from all courses, it is possible you will owe back a portion of the financial aid you received for the semester.  The guidance we currently have regarding withdraws has not changed from any other semester in which a student withdraws.  If you feel like a medical withdraw would be appropriate, you should contact the Dean of Students office to discuss this option and the benefits associated with it.  However, for any withdrawal (“regular” or medical) a review of financial aid eligibility will have to be performed and aid may potentially need to be returned.  Currently, there are measures being discussed in Congress to assist with this issue, but we do not know any details or timeframes on what, when, or if things will change.  We will notify students via email if we receive new guidance at a later time.  See our current withdrawal policy here -


What if my class is cancelled before it begins and I was unable to attend?

At the moment, we have no new guidance from the federal Department of Education regarding this situation as to how it impacts your financial aid.  There are a few scenarios with this situations:

Pell grant recipient - Generally, dropping an individual course or two, but not all, would not impact your aid unless you are a Pell grant recipient.  If you do not attend or participate academically in at least full time credits (12 credits), and you are a Pell grant recipient, you may owe a portion of your Pell grant back for the semester.  However, it may be possible for you to add a late starting course (even some PEB courses are offered through an online format!) to maintain 12 credits for the semester. Contact your academic advisor with questions. If a course is dropped that was not begun, but you have more than 12 credits still, there should be no issues from  the enrollment change as it relates to Pell (i.e. you had 15 credits and moved to 14 credits – still over 12!). 

Federal Direct Stafford Loan recipients - If you did not have Pell, your federal aid should not be impacted immediately by dropping a course.  If you drop below 6 credits, however, your 6 month grace period would start on any borrowed federal student loans.

Idaho Opportunity Scholarship recipients - If you are an Idaho resident and receiving the Idaho Opportunity Scholarship, you must complete at least 24 credits each academic year as a criteria to receive the scholarship in the future, we have no new guidance on this regulation at this time.  However, you can consider taking summer courses to meet the 24 credit requirement.



What are my options if I have extenuating financial circumstances due to loss of employment, reduction in hours/income or other instances that affect my ability to pay bills?

You should email the Student Financial Aid Services office at (from your VandalMail account) detailing the nature of your situation. Our staff will review the options available to you and provide advice on how to proceed. These options may include an adjustment to your available income on the FAFSA to increase your federal aid eligibility, a request that you borrow some or all off your Federal loan eligibility and/or consideration for other forms of assistance on a case-by-case basis.


Student Financial Aid Services

Physical Address:

Bruce M. Pitman Center
Room 101

709 Deakin Avenue
Moscow, ID 83844

Mailing Address:
Student Financial Aid Office
875 Perimeter Dr
MS 4291
Moscow, ID 83844-4291

Phone: 208-885-6312

Fax: 208-885-5592