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3480 - Compensation for Service in Addition to Regular Duties


  • Name: Brandi Terwilliger
  • Position: Brandi Terwilliger, Director of Human Resources
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Last updated: December 01, 2006

PREAMBLE: This section outlines UI policy on extra compensation. It was an original part of the 1979 Handbook and was revised in June 1988 to clarify what needed regents' approval and again in July 2002 to incorporate regent's policy changes. For further information, contact the President's Office (208-885-6365) or Human Resources (208-885-3609). (ed. 7-97, 9-06, rev. 7-02)

A. The president or designee may request a UI exempt employee or faculty member to perform responsibilities or provide services beyond the scope of his or her primary appointment. The president or designee can authorize payments in addition to regular salary and these must be reported to the regents in a semi-annual report. See RGPP IIC4b(4), RGPP IIF2, RGPP IIG2a. Deans and other administrative officers are responsible for ensuring that required approvals have been granted for employees receiving additional compensation for service that is not part of the employee's position description. (ed. 12-06)

B. For faculty the following activities are considered additional duties subject to this policy:

B-1. teaching during the intersession between fall and spring semesters

B-2. participation in short-term programs, such as symposiums and conferences, sponsored by UI colleges or departments.

B-3. teaching continuing-education courses or for grading correspondence-study courses when such activities are not a part of their regularly assigned responsibilities. No combination of continuing-education or other teaching overloads is to impose a total requirement on the employee's time that is greater than about one additional day a week (exclusive of periods of vacation leave or legal holidays).

B-4. services to UI that are clearly beyond the employee's assigned duties and are not performed on days for which the employee is paid for regular duties. Such services are subject to the limitations on private consulting stated in FSH 3260. In addition, prior approval by the employee's departmental administrator must include a certification that:

a. the work to be performed is an overload,
b. work schedules cannot be rearranged to include the work in the employee's regular duties,
c. no other qualified UI personnel are available to do the work as a part of their regular duties.

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