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Natural Resources and
Environmental Law Edition


The Natural Resources and Environmental Law (NREL) edition provides a unique forum for the interface of law and science. Each article in the NREL edition is peer-reviewed before undergoing the traditional law review editing process. Through this cutting-edge approach, the NREL edition provides significant contributions to the field of environmental law.


2016–2017: The Future of Hydropower

Sam Kalen, Essay: Historical Flow of Hydroelectric Regulation: A Brief History, 53 Idaho L. Rev. 1 (2017). 

Heather Payne, A Long Slog: What a Ten Year Hydroelectric Relicensing Process Demonstrates about Public Participation and Administrative Regulation Theories, 53 Idaho L. Rev. 41 (2017).

Mark James, et al., Undamming the Federal Production Tax Credit: Creating Financial Incentives for Dam Trading and Dam Removal, 53 Idaho L. Rev. 93 (2017).

Gina S. Warren, Small Hydropower, Big Potential: Considerations for Responsible Global Development, 53 Idaho L. Rev. 149 (2017).

Patrick Johnson, Dam Removal as Climate Change Policy: How Supplemental Environmental Projects Could Be Used to Reduce Methane Emissions, 53 Idaho L. Rev. 179 (2017).

Todd Myers, The Environmental Tradeoffs of Removing Snake River Dams, 53 Idaho L. Rev. 209 (2017). 

Jerrold A. Long et al., Chile, the Biobío, and the Future of the Columbia River Basin, 53 Idaho L. Rev. 239 (2017). 

Janell Middleton, For the Greatest Good of the Greatest Number: Mitigating Climate Change through Carbon Dioxide Emission Regulation, 53 Idaho L. Rev 287 (2017).

Board of Editors

Our NREL edition is among one of few formally peer-reviewed law journals. All articles undergo review by outside experts in the tradition of academic scholarship. To further facilitate this feature, we have invited scholars, practitioners, and judges to be ongoing members of the edition’s Board of Editors.

Our current Board of Editors includes:

  • Emmi Blades
    Idaho Attorney General - Natural Resources Division
  • James Browitt
    Browitt Law Office
  • Meghan Carter
    Idaho Attorney General - Natural Resources Division
  • Mark Cecchini-Beaver
    Idaho Attorney General - Natural Resources Division
  • Robin Craig
    The University of Utah College of Law
  • Dave Cummings
    Nez Perce Tribe Senior Staff Attorney
  • Joel Eisen
    University of Richmond School of Law
  • Dylan Hedden-Nicely
    Howard Funke & Associates, PC
  • James E. Hickey, Jr.
    Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University
  • Marie Callaway Kellner
    Idaho Conservation League
  • Amanda Rogerson
    Nez Perce Tribe Staff Attorney
  • Clive Strong
    Deputy Attorney General - Office of Idaho Attorney General

If you would like to join the Board, please email the Review at

NREL Symposium

In 2019, the Idaho Law Review will host its first-ever NREL Symposium—a feature of the predicaments in urban–wildland land use planning in the face of the increasing length and prevalence of wildfire seasons. Check back here or contact the Review for details.

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