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Upcoming Training or Webinars Related to Assessment

A Path Forward: Partnering with Students in Learning Outcomes Assessment

A free webinar by Weave

Date: Tuesday, October 8th
Time: 1pm Eastern

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About the Webinar: Too often we invest in the assessment of student learning and development with too little return on investment in relation to improvement. While improvement of learning and development has become a greater focus of the assessment process, the key stakeholders, students, do not have a true seat at the table. Without partnering with our students, it is more difficult and sometimes impossible to achieve the improvements we desire.

The purpose of this webinar is to introduce participants to the idea of partnering with students in the assessment process so as to collectively enhance assessment and improvement efforts.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • Reasons for including students in assessment efforts
  • Effective strategies for involving students in IE and accreditation activities
  • Strategies for recruiting students and faculty to this work

Even if you can't attend the live webinar, register and we'll send you the recording!

Please forward this invitation to anyone who might be interested. We hope to see you!

NWCCU Accreditation and Student Success

Presented by NWCCU

Date: October 18, 2019
Time: 12:00 noon (Pacific)

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NWCCU standards go live on January 1, 2020. In these new standards, institutions are expected to identify and utilize student achievement indicators that align with indicators for peer institutions at the regional and national levels. Following on the learning of the convening of the Oregon Student Success Center, regional experts will share how institutions can work together to support institutional efforts toward collecting and sharing data related to student learning and student achievement. Participants will be offered the opportunity to be paired together for future collaboration around benchmarking and data-sharing.

Building the Alignment Triangle for Quality with Coursetune and Quality Matters: Are Students Learning What We Think They’re Learning?

Presented by NWCCU

Date: Friday, November 8, 2019
Time: 12:00 noon (Pacific)

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After participating in this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Identify ways to use QM, Coursetune, and student feedback for course alignment
  • Articulate how course alignment improves the student learning experience; and
  • Apply new models and strategies to assess live student feedback

Past Trainings and Webinars: Recordings

General Education Assignment Charrette
March 1, 2019, 8:30 a.m. to noon PST
University of Idaho Commons, Crest-Horizon Room


The session will begin with a review of effective assessment practices and an overview of one of the most effective ways to assess student learning: the course assignment. Assignments are powerful teaching tools, and their design is one of the most consequential intellectual tasks that faculty undertake in their work as educators. Yet that work is often private and unavailable for collegial exchange and knowledge building. The charrette — a term borrowed from architecture education, denoting a collaborative design process — will be an opportunity to talk with other faculty interested in trading ideas about the design and use of the various tasks, projects, papers and performances we set for our students. The charrette will aim to stimulate ideas about how to strengthen the assignment you bring, or think together about an assignment that might work for assessment of the general education course you teach. Attendees should bring an assignment that they would like to share with colleagues, refresh or adapt for assessment of the course’s learning outcome(s). If you do not have an assignment that you believe currently aligns to the outcomes, come anyway and leave with ideas!

Watch Recording (Morning Session)

Time Topic
00:00 Introductions
23:04 Assessment Practices in Learner-Centered Institutions (from instructor perspective)
27:12 Effective Assessment Practices (from NILOA)
35:20 Best practices do not specify assessment to “Meet accreditor needs”
BUT! Accreditors have standards (which need to be met)
38:49 Triangulation (regarding student achievement/student outcomes)
39:59 Program Review
44:26 Opportunities for Program Review
45:31 Institutional Effectiveness: What Can Be Improved?
47:07 Improving the Institution: Instructional Effectiveness
47:55 Questions from participants
57:29 Effective Assignments (from presenter and from participants)

Learning Outcome Development Workshop (Student Affairs/Co-Curricular)
March 1, 2019, 2-4 p.m. PST
University of Idaho Commons, Aurora Room


Currently, many student service, student support services and co-curricular programs identify expected student outcomes for their programs. The session will provide an overview of institutional effectiveness and frameworks to help determine learning expectations and evidence to support achievement within student support services. During this session, staff members will create at least one institutional learning outcome statement for the unit. To assist in crafting statements, academic support service staff members are asked to bring samples of their current assessment measures, such as use of program services or facilities, user satisfaction, needs assessment of users or student learning outcomes. These are all examples of tools that may already be used to inform progress currently being made toward goals to further improve programs. Light refreshments will be provided during this session.

Watch Recording (Afternoon Session)

Time Topic
00:00 Introductions
12:28 What is Institutional Effectiveness? (specific to student support units)
15:30 Improving the Institution: Institutional Effectiveness
17:12 Assessment in Learner-Centered Institutions (for student support units)
20:46 Assessment is the Ongoing Process Of…
22:20 The Student Experience
23:38 Students are Complex
23:55 Cohesive Curriculum
25:39 Support Services, Co-Curricular
28:05 Assessing the Co-Curricular
29:13 Learning Outcomes
30:30 Goals vs. Outcomes
32:15 Tips for Writing Outcomes
34:31 U of I’s ULOs
35:26 Higher Education is at a Crossroad
36:41 NASPA Professional Competencies
37:33 The CAS Frame Works
38:12 A Taxonomy of Student Outcomes
40:39 How Do We Measure Outcomes?
41:10 Absolute vs. Value-Added Outcomes
44:07 Direct vs. Indirect Assessment
45:17 Student Support Assessment: Source of Evidence
47:31 Ways to Collect Direct Evidence
49:24 Then What?
54:22 Outcomes Assessment Plan (5-column model)

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