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Annual Program Review (APR) for Co-Curricular Programs and Services

All co-curricular and student support services are systematically assessed against national benchmarks using standards developed by the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS). This process is called Annual Program Review (APR) and engages programs and services annually in self-assessment and continuous improvement efforts. A comprehensive program review process has been in place at the University of Idaho for decades, but we adopted the CAS standards to guide this work beginning in 2021-22. Our APR process is designed to be inclusive and offers opportunity for feedback by appropriate constituencies and is intended to inform program and institutional effectiveness, evaluate resources and improve student success.

CAS has been the national leader in developing standards and guidelines for program review since 1979. CAS self-assessment guides (SAGs) are directly available to co-curricular programs and services in Anthology. Each SAG contains standards, guidelines and measures for a specific functional area.

Annual Program Review Workflow

  1. Self-Study
  2. Division Review
  3. Institutional Review
  4. Action Plan

Important Terminology or Acronyms Explained

The name of the University of Idaho’s new assessment and accreditation management system. It was formerly known as Campus Labs and is still being rebranded in the site.

This is the name of the module in Anthology that provides a workspace for co-curricular program review and contains the CAS SAGs. Compliance Assist is a part of the Anthology ecosystem.

The Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) is a consortium of professional associations in higher education that promotes the use of professional standards for development, assessment and improvement of quality student learning, programs and services. CAS updates the SAGs regularly for best practices and national trends.

The Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) has developed self-assessment guides (SAG) used for program review purposes. The SAG provides programs with standards, guideline, and measures to guide our narratives and evidence selection. You can think of this as the template used for program review purposes.

The individual function area is the office or department tasked with an area of responsibility. Examples include academic advising, career services and campus police & safety services. Each SAG is created for the individual functional area. As of 2021, SAGs have been developed for 47 functional areas.


The CAS self-assessment guide is available in Anthology. All users login with their regular University of Idaho Vandalweb credentials.


By default, directors have access to edit their program’s CAS self-assessment guide, and area administrators have access to all SAGs within their division. To request access for yourself or others, complete this form.


2020-2021 Pilot Year Timeline

March 2021: CAS SAGs available to all programs

Aug. 1, 2021: CAS SAGs completed by all programs

Sept. 30 2021: CAS SAGs reviewed by division

Oct. 31, 2021: CAS SAGs reviewed by the Provost’s Office

Jan. 31, 2022: Action Plan completed by program; begin archiving APR documentation

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