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Information for Faculty


Course evaluations were moved to a new vendor, Anthology (formerly CampusLabs) beginning Summer 2020. Once reports are released, faculty can see them in their faculty dashboard in Anthology and/or the reports can be requested from

Click here for quick access to the faculty dashboard. You can save the web address for quick access later.

Watch the recording from the Fall 2020 training on Course Evaluations for Faculty.

Need access to course evaluation reports prior to Summer 2020?

For reports prior to Summer 2020, please contact or login to the VandalWeb course evaluation interface. Data collected prior to Summer 2020 will not be moved to Anthology and must be accessed/requested separately.

Instructors have access to their own personalized home page that will display all their course sections, response rates for each section that are updated every 15 minutes and access to their reports, and course roster information.

Course Evaluations - Faculty Experience

How Faculty Access their Experience

Faculty login.

Faculty can view the dates of when evaluations will open/close, when reports are available and a View Results button if data has been released to them. Once they click on the View Results button, they can view quantitative and qualitative reports, as well as a segmented comparison report for each course. Additionally, Summary Reports will be available at the top of the page as soon as reports have been released. The course roster may also be viewed by clicking on the course details.

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Faculty also have the ability to give a unique link to students enrolled in their course sections.

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The "View Evaluation Link" button will appear to Faculty once the evaluation is open for students to respond. By clicking on that button the instructor will be shown a unique evaluation link that they can share with their students.

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Will I receive email notifications when a course is opened for evaluation?

Anthology will send an automated email to instructors to notify them when the course evaluation window is open for adding customized questions. Additionally, faculty will receive a reminder that the customization window is closing and a reminder that the course evaluation will soon open to students.

The morning that a course evaluation opens to students, faculty will also receive a notification email that will include the evaluation window. One final email will be sent to faculty when reports become available for the course in the faculty dashboard.

How do I customize my course evaluation questionnaire?

See Course Evaluation Customization

What if I am also a dean or department chair, how do I see my faculty’s results?

If you are a dean or department chair, you may have access to faculty results as a "Report Administrator." For more information on Report Administrators, please click here.

Why can’t I view my results?

It is possible that your reports have not been released by your site administrator yet or your class did not meet the minimum threshold. Reports are generally released the morning following the date final grades are due to the Registrar (usually Wednesday mornings around 8:00am). To protect the identity of students, reports are only released when a minimum of three responses were received. Courses with enrollment of less than three, will not have reports available due to low enrollment.

For ideas on how you can improve your response rate to meet the threshold where enrollment allows, see Improving Response Rates.

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