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Promotion/Tenure and Custom Reports

Course evaluation reports used for promotion and tenure purposes adhere to institution-specific guidelines and formatting, not available directly from the automated Anthology course evaluation platform. Any such institution-specific, or customized report, must continue to be requested by email from Institutional Research.

How do I request course evaluation reports needed for internal review processes that are not available in Anthology, such as promotion and tenure?

Please email your request to Institutional Research at To expedite your request, please include the following detail in your email:

  • V Number of the instructor
  • The begin and end date of the timeframe you are requesting data for. (The Provost’s office only requires that data be included since the last review.)

How do I request a custom report of course evaluation data, such as combining multiple course sections or obtaining data for courses that are shared with another program?

All requests for custom reports should be made to Institutional Research via email at Custom reports are any report not readily available in the Anthology course evaluation system. Custom reports are limited by data availability and the rules protecting student confidentiality.

To expedite your request, please include the following detail in your email:

  • V Number of the instructor
  • Term you are requesting the data for
  • Subjects
  • Course Numbers
  • Section Numbers

Why are my course evaluations prior to Summer 2020, missing in Anthology?

The Anthology course evaluation system was adopted in Summer 2020. Data collected in the old system is archived in the old course evaluation system. Requests for data before Summer 2020 should continue to be sent to To view data housed in old student evaluation system, log into Vandalweb or go directly to the Course Instructor portion of the old online Student Evaluation of Teaching System.

Are any courses not evaluated each term?

Student evaluations of teaching were evaluated under the VandalWeb system from 2003 to Spring 2020. Under that system, the following courses were not evaluated:

  • Workshops - (203, 403, 503)
  • Directed Study - (299, 499, 502)
  • Internships - (298, 398, 498, 598)
  • Professional Development - (405, 505)
  • Master's Research and Thesis - (500)
  • Graduate Practicum - (597)
  • Research - (599)
  • Research and Dissertation - (600)
  • All Law and WWAMI courses
  • Study Abroad and Other Courses listed as 998 or 999

As of Summer 2020, all students have the opportunity to evaluate each of their instructors in all sections of all courses during every academic term. The standard university evaluation, as approved by the faculty, is used for all courses and sections, except those in the College of Law which uses an evaluative device tailored to its needs and is college-administered.

Why is the data in Anthology different than the data on my custom report, or on my promotion and tenure report?

Anthology relies on data fed from Banner, that updates regularly. Additionally, the parameters used to produce automated reports in Anthology are preset, using what is listed in Banner at that moment. When custom reports are needed, this is because someone is requesting a modified report and thus, the custom reports (by definition), should not be identical to what is seen in the course evaluation system.

Some reports may appear similar or include some overlapping data, but are in some way different. For example, the Anthology segment comparison reports allow faculty to compare their score with the average score for their department, college, or the UI. However, on the promotion and tenure report, these scores are further defined to only compare scores within the same course-level (such as graduate courses with courses 500 or above, lower-division courses with the same, and upper-division courses with the same).

In some cases, some discrepancies may exist because Anthology is regularly updated to reflect changes in Banner (sometimes even after the semester ends), whereas, custom reports are created based on a snapshot of the data taken after the course evaluation window has closed.

Which year are summer course evaluations counted in?

For the P&T reports, the academic year ends with the Spring semester. Summer course evaluation data, when available, is added to the following year.

If I have questions or concerns regarding the promotion and tenure process and/or policy, including the course evaluation questionnaire, who should I contact?

Please send your question to so that it can be routed accordingly, within the Provost’s Office.

Physical Address:
Admin, Room 208
Moscow, ID 83844-3163

Mailing Address:
875 Perimeter Drive MS 3163
Moscow, ID 83844-3163

Phone: 208-885-7995

Fax: 208-885-7998


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