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‘Yukon Gem’ – PVP certificate number 200700287

‘Yukon Gem’ is a round-oblong, yellow-fleshed potato variety that is remarkably like its parent, ‘Yukon Gold’. ‘Yukon Gem’ is higher yielding (12 percent higher in Idaho) than ‘Yukon Gold’ and is resistant to PVY, common scab, tuber blight (early and late), net necrosis, blackspot and shatter bruise. It is moderately resistant to dry rot and foliar late blight. Its resistances make it a good candidate for organic production. It also makes acceptable chips, but its lower specific gravity may limit its use for this purpose.

‘Yukon Gem’ has an erect, medium vine that matures relatively early in the season. It produces medium red-purple flowers that tend to abort. It produces round to oval, light yellow skin with pink splash around the eyes. The eyes are intermediate in depth and number and are evenly distributed. Tuber set is low to medium and tuber size is medium.

‘Yukon Gen’ is exclusively licensed to the Potato Variety Management Institute (PVMI). Please contact PVMI directly for sub-licensing.

» Certificate issued by the U.S. Department of Agriculture

Yukon Gem Potato
Yukon Gem