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Electrochemical Devices Comprising Graphene

OTT Case 12-028| Patent Pending

Researchers in the University of Idaho developed an electrochemical device, comprising a positively charged electrode; a negatively charged electrode; a graphene layer comprising graphene having a substantially micro-crystalline grain size ranging from about 2 nm to about 15 nm, basal planes that are substantially planar, and a total electrochemical window of from at least about 3 V to about 5 V; and an electrolyte. In particular embodiments, the graphene layer covers at least a portion of the positive electrode, the negative electrode, or both. The electrochemical device can be connected to a power source. In some embodiments, the electrochemical device can be used to store energy or to provide energy. The graphene layer is capable of providing a capacitance ranging from at least 200 μF/cm2 to about 700 μF/cm2.