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Ray von Wandruszka

Department Chair & Professor

Renfrew Hall 116 & 331


Not accepting graduate students
Research: Humic materials; Archaeological chemistry

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Peter B. Allen

Assistant Professor

Renfrew Hall 001


Accepting Graduate Students 
Research: DNA-based biosensors; DNA-DNA interactions
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Eric B. Brauns

Associate Professor

Renfrew Hall 002


Interested students should contact directly regarding graduate study
Research: Physical and biophysical chemistry; time resolved spectroscopy

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Renfrew Hall 26


Accepting graduate students
Research: Electrochemistry; energy storage; electronic materials

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T. Rick Fletcher

Associate Professor

Interested students should contact directly regarding graduate study View Rick Fletcher's profile

Renfrew Hall 307


Accepting graduate students
Research: DNA biotechnology; nucleic acid-based therapeutics

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Janet Nelson

Vice President for Research and Economic Development

Jean'ne M. Shreeve

University Distinguished Professor

Renfrew Hall 205


Interested students should contact directly regarding graduate study
Research: Energetic materials; high energy ionic liquids; fluorine compounds
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Dan Stelck

Senior Organic Instructor


Not accepting graduate students View Dan Stelck's profile

Sebastian Stoian

Assistant Professor


Accepting graduate students
Research: Inorganic Chemistry
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Chien M. Wai


Renfrew Hall 101A


Interested students should contact directly regarding graduate study
Research: Supercritical fluid extraction of metals and radioisotopes
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Kristopher Waynant

Assistant Professor

Renfrew Hall 216B


Accepting graduate students
Research: Organic synthesis; C-linked glycosides; polymers; chemical education
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Renfrew Hall 313E

Accepting graduate students
Research: Physical organic chemistry; theoretical studies; aromaticity
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Department of Chemistry

Physical Address:
Renfrew Hall 116

Mailing Address:
875 Perimeter Dr, MS 2343
Moscow, ID 83844-2343

Phone: 208-885-6552

Fax: 208-885-6173


Web: Department of Chemistry