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The following research grants are held by faculty members in the department.

Principal Investigator Source Year Project Name
Leslie Baker   2013-2016 Heat Transfer from Silicate
Elizabeth Cassel NSF/EAR 2013-2016 Record of Tectonics in the Cordilleran Hinterland
Jerry Fairley NSF/EAR 2013-2016 Constraining Heat Flux from the Shallow Geothermal System, Yellowstone Caldera, Wyoming
Dennis Geist/Eric Mittelstaedt  NSF/EAR 2012-2017 Galapagos Earth System
Simon Kattenhorn NSF 2011-2015 Role of Magma and Related Fluids in Rifting
Simon Kattenhorn NASA 2012-2016 Evolution of Cerberus Fossae
Eric Mittelstaedt NSF 2015-2017 Emplacement of Volcanic Craters
Eric Mittelstaedt NSF/OCE 2013-2016 Coupling Mantle Volatiles, Eruption Dynamics, and Tectonics
Eric Mittelstaedt NSF/OCE 2015-2017 Modeling Hydrothermal Recharge and Outflow in Oceanic Crust
Eric Mittelstaedt NSF/EAR 2015-2018 Deep Mantle Dynamics
Judy Parrish NSF 2015-2018 Paleo Records of Navajo Sandstone, CO Plateau
Brian Yanites NSF/EAR 2013-2016 Linking Erosional & Climatic Processes in Regions of Active Mountain Building
Brian Yanites DOD 2015-2018 River Channel Morphology


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