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John B. George Award: Peter Brown

Chosen from the Dean’s Award nominees and presented to the outstanding graduating senior in the college based on academic achievement and service to the university community.

My name is Peter L. Brown.
I am from Moscow, ID.

Why did you choose UI?
Having grown up in beautiful Moscow, I couldn’t imagine having left it after high school.

Peter's intramural college bowl team
After winning the Intramural College Bowl


Math 215 with Jennifer Johnson-Leung. This was a real game changer for me: it was my first exposure to transfinite numbers and the incompleteness theorems, both of which showed me that mathematics could be both fun and philosophically intriguing.

Somantika Datta. She is a skilled teacher, able to present mathematical concepts both formally and intuitively. She’s also given me a lot of helpful career advice outside of class.

Honors Chemistry 111. I took it as a senior, and found it challenging and fulfilling.

Research Project?
Presenting on Naimark's Projection Theorem for constructing Parseval tight frames. This was my first real experience of digesting mathematical content without having a textbook to teach it to me.

Peter was part of the Putnam team
Peter participated in the Putnam Competition

Study Time

Study early or procrastinate?
I confess that I almost always procrastinated. But I don't advise it!

Go-to Snack?
BBQ Pringles!

Peter and friends bowling at Zeppos
Bowling with friends at Zeppoz

Campus Life

What UI memory makes you laugh the most?
Walking through the arboretum in the late evening with two friends, one of whom had very poor night vision. Much trickery ensued.

Dorm or Greek?
I always lived off campus, but I made a lot of friends from Scholars Hall, so I spent a decent amount of time there. The LLC's always seemed to me to be very nice places to live.

Intramural Sports or Student Clubs?
Why not both? I love Ultimate Frisbee, and I personally recommend participation in Math Club activities to everyone, regardless of major.

Peter on an intramural ultimate frisbee team
Playing Intramural Ultimate Frisbee

What's Next?

What are your plans for after graduation?
One month after graduation, I will be marrying my lovely fiancée and fellow Vandal, Christine. In the fall, I'll begin as a graduate student at the University of Michigan.

What should incoming first-year students know?
During your college years you'll have opportunities that you'll probably never have again. Take classes that you personally find fulfilling. Get involved in student organizations. Talk to your professors outside of class. Find ways to expand your educational experience beyond the classroom.

What advice do you have for other students in your major?
Get to know mathematics beyond your classes! Definitely attend the Math Club events, or even get involved with it. Try out the Putnam team. Talk to the math professors and explore opportunities for undergraduate research. Taking advantage of opportunities like these will increase both your aptitude and your appreciation for mathematics.

Peter at the Taste of Napal with friends
At the Taste of Nepal


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