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David N. McIlroy

  • Phenomena at surfaces, electronic transport, nanomaterials

I am interested in the physical properties of one-dimensional nanostructures, be it interactions with their surface or their electronic transport properties. I also dabble in biophysics with the help of talented biologists.

  • McIlroy, D.N., Zhang, D., Kranov, Y., Norton, M. Grant. 2001. Nanosprings, Applied Physics Letters 79, 1540.
  • Zhang, D., Alkhateeb, A., Han, H., Mahmood, H., McIlroy, David N., and Norton, M.G., 2003. Silicon Carbide Nanosprings, Nano Letters 3, 983.
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  • Y.P. Timalsina, D. Oriero, T. Cantrell, T. Prakash, J. Branen, D.E. Aston, K. Noren, J.J. Nagler, S. Rastogi, D.N. McIlroy, and G. Corti, “Characterization of a vertically aligned silica nanospring-based sensor by alternating current impedance spectroscopy,” Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering,  vol. 20, 095005, (2010).
  • M. F. Beaux II, N. J. Bridges, M. DeHart, T. E. Bitterwolf, and D. N. McIlroy, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic analysis of the surface chemistry of silica nanowires, Applied Surface Science, vol. 257, no. 13, pp. 5766-5771 ( 2011).

  • Title: Improving the Safety and Shelf Life of Agricultural Commodities Agency: USDA
    Status: Current
  • Title: Functionalized Nanosprings for Explosive Detection
    Agency: ONR
    Status: Current
  • Title: Nanospring Coatings for the Promotion of Bone Growth on Prosthesis
    Agency: Idaho-HERC
    Status: Current

  • Dyess Faculty Fellow, COS (2011-2014)

David N. McIlroy



Engineering-Physics 335



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  • B.A. Physics, University of California at Santa Cruz (1984)
  • Ph.D. in Physics, University of Rhode Island (1993)


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