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Navitas is a global higher education organization that has partnered with more than 30 universities for over 25 years to increase access to higher education and prepare international students for future success. U of I entered a partnership with Navitas in January 2017, known as the University of Idaho Global Student Success Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Navitas works collaboratively with the University of Idaho staff and faculty to develop an academically rigorous and pedagogically effective academic program and enhanced support services to ensure the best possible student experience and successful matriculation of international students to degree programs. In turn, the partnership will result in greater quality, quantity and diversity of international students, driving enhanced academic performance and retention rates and generating significant financial benefits allowing for further growth and investment in support of University’s teaching, research and service agendas.

Additionally, university partners have access to Navitas’ global marketing and recruitment infrastructure with over 130 recruitment staff across 23 different global offices, managing relationships with over 1000 different recruitment partners and providing access to prospective students in over 130 countries. Navitas’ marketing efforts raise the profile of the University of Idaho throughout the world in all major markets. 

The cornerstone of the Navitas-University of Idaho partnership is a Global Student Success Pathway program for international students designed to ease the transition to a U.S. university environment and prepare students for future academic success. 

GSSP programs are targeted at international students who can succeed at high levels when they are provided with a suitable teaching/learning environment and are given sufficient personal and academic support in the early stages of their studies but who have not initially met all university entrance requirements. GSSP students receive intensive tutoring and coaching to improve their academic performance and to assist them in setting appropriate academic objectives.

GSSPs provide the necessary acclimatization that international students require, thereby ensuring their future success. By providing an integrated and structured preparation program made up of intensive English language instruction (where required), academic course content, and academic study skills development, promising international students can demonstrate their ability to succeed in the rigors of American university study. All pathway programs are carefully structured to align to specific disciplinary areas of study. Throughout the program, higher levels of support are provided to students via support tutorials, small class sizes, additional class contact hours and proactive intervention by student services staff if and when there are signs of academic difficulties.  The university maintains control over the development of pathway academic curriculum and delivery of pathway courses. U of I’s program has been developed in conjunction with the faculty and staff across the university.

Successful completion of the undergraduate Global Student Success Program means that the students have met the university’s admissions pathway requirements for progression and then matriculate as mainstream students for the second year of their undergraduate degree. Successful completion of the Graduate Pathway Program secures students a place in full-time graduate studies in their respective field of study.

Navitas has a long history of successful student outcomes across 35 programs in six countries, including the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the U.K. and Sri Lanka. Our commitment to deliver an unparalleled student experience is reflected in the depth of our programs and services and 95 percent progression rate at our North America partners specifically.  

Navitas’ global presence includes 23 regional offices covering more than 130 countries, including offices/staff located in China, Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Vietnam, Korea, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Kenya, Nigeria, Russia, UK (covering Europe), Colombia (covering South America), UAE (covering Middle East) and Turkey. The 2014-15 Navitas enrollment included students recruited from more than 150 countries. 

Comprehensive internationalization is widely recognized as critical to a university’s growth and evolution. Universities no longer have the option to remain nationally focused and parochial in their teaching, research and service if they wish to remain globally competitive.

The global explosion in demand for post-secondary education presents visionary university leaders with a remarkable opportunity. In the last decade, OECD figures show the number of students enrolled in higher education around the world has grown from 100 million to 164 million, with forecasts of even faster growth ahead. Over four million people now study outside their home countries, and by 2025, forecasters estimate this number will be in excess of eight million. Patterns of mobility are changing as more students – facing limited educational options in their home countries – travel abroad to pursue university studies. The U.S. has the largest share of students who travel internationally to participate in higher education, the number of international students at colleges and universities in the United States increased by 7 percent to 1,043,839 during the 2015/16 academic year according to the Institute for International Education’s Open Doors Report.

The choices for international students are extensive. Only 5 percent of U.S. institutions host 69 percent of the 1,043,839 international students in the country. In order to improve their international competitiveness, leading universities must take steps to develop worldwide brand awareness, transform the global profile of their student bodies, enhance the overall student experience on campus for both international and domestic students and establish themselves as globally recognized international universities.

A partnership with Navitas:

  • Increases quantity and diversity of international students.
  • Enhances the global profile of the student body, enhancing the overall student experience for both international and domestic students.
  • Delivers high quality academic outcomes underpinned by superior student experiences.
  • Offers access to Navitas’ global marketing and recruitment network to reach prospective students in more than 130 countries.
  • Enhances the international reputation of the University of Idaho by expanding its global reach.

Global Student Success Program

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