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Slate Implementation

Implementation and deployment of Slate/Technolutions

Update: We are updating our application system to upgrade your experience the system will be offline starting December 5 and will reopen shortly thereafter. If you do not submit your application prior to December 5 you will need to start a new application in our new system.

Phase I (setting the foundation):

  • Admissions (Undergraduate and Graduate)
  • University Communications and Marketing
  • Campus Visits and Events

Project Delivery of Phase I:

  • Slate Product
  • Process Mapping
  • Implementation
    • Administrative planning and setup (strategy, guidelines, forms, etc.)
    • Technical planning and setup (integrations, etc.)
    • Transition planning and conversion
    • Training
    • Testing
    • Go-Live
    • Decommission of current CRM Radius

    Executive Sponsor Dean Kahler
    Sponsors Bobbi Gerry
    Project Manager Jane Cox
    SEM Communication Manager Amber Crowley
    UCM/Campaign Management Adam Stoltz, Travis Dawson
    College of Graduate Students Jerry McMurtry, Polly Tohaneanu
    Enterprise Applications Brian Borchers, Perry Henry
    Server/Systems, Network Daniel Granja, Brian Jemes
    Security Mitch Parks
    Campus Events Angela Helmke, Ashley Morehouse
    Campus Visits Danae Nagle
    Office of the Registrar Lindsey Brown
    Admissions Processing and Recruitment Melissa Goodwin, Pete Lien, Mary Ellen Brewick
    Admissions Technical Support Steven Calvert, Rock Brown

Slate is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that allows you to store and manage prospective student information, like contact information, accounts and leads in one location and streamline the whole process — from initial point of contact and advertising through application and enrollment.

U of I uses the Slate CRM to manage data, interactions between recruitment and advising teams and their student populations, manage direct marketing campaigns and application processing, organize events, and run reports.

By streamlining the process for students and ensuring continuity of services as they are communicated with by various units across campus – from Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) to University Communications and Marketing (UCM) to college advisors and faculty. Additionally, we are seeking further data analytics to provide trending and deeper insights into behaviors throughout the students and families decision process.  

The Slate CRM fundamentally allow us to personalize and automate much of our communication with prospective students. As we look to expand communications across additional units, it will allow us to provide the same level of high-touch communication across the campus, ensuring the best customer service and experience possible.

Strategic Enrollment Management

Strategic Enrollment Management

Physical Address:

Bruce Pitman Center
709 Deakin Avenue
Room 137
Moscow, ID 83844

Mailing Address:

875 Perimeter Drive
MS 4259
Moscow, ID 83844

Phone: 208-885-1676

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