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Housing & Residence Life

Physical Address:
1080 West 6th St.
Moscow, Idaho 83844

Mailing Address:
Business Mail:
875 Perimeter Drive MS 2010 
Moscow, ID 83844-2010

Student Mailing Address:
Student Name
MSC #____
901 Paradise Creek Street
Moscow ID 83843

Office Hours: Monday-Friday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Information Desk: 

6 a.m. - Midnight
For after hour emergencies please contact your RA on call. 

Phone: 208-885-6571

Fax: 208-885-6606


Web: Housing and Residence Life


Covid-19 Related

Due to the high capacity of students using community bathrooms, the Tower has been identified as a “high density” location. As a result, the Tower will be designated “single room only” which will reduce the occupancy by half.

No. At this time, only the Tower’s resident capacity is being changed.

No. We are currently working on the priority plan for tower residents.

We are currently working on the phased priority plan. This plan will be finalized next week and more information will be provided.

Yes. If you would like to live with a roommate, you will be able to log back into the Housing application and use the room swap function to choose a Wallace double with a roommate.

No, only one deposit is required per applicant.

Students will be asked to follow social distancing guidelines while using the laundry facilities. You can also download the laundry app to see which washing machines and dryers are available to use.

Students will be asked to follow social distancing guidelines, all elevators will have signage with max capacity for the space.

Vandals Dining During COVID-19

The Hub will be following all CDC and state-regulated guidelines. All self-serve models will be replaced with pre-packed or staff-served options to reduce health risk.

Each meal period will provide not only a mindful, nutritious option, but an option free of 7 of the top 8 allergens for guests with dietary restrictions. Should you feel your needs are not met through our regular menu rotation, please reach out to us and we will be happy to accommodate you needs.

Upon entering the Hub, each guest will self-swipe their Vandal Card and be encouraged to utilize the touchless hand sanitizer stations placed at the entryway and around the service area.

Upon opening, we will temporarily be suspending cash as a form of payment. If cash transactions are necessary, a separate process will be implemented at that time.

A six-foot distance will be maintained between guests and staff at all times with distancing floor signage for guests.

Additional protective barriers will be placed at service stations to limit contact.

Contact-less service between guests and staff will be in effect. Staff will place all necessary service items (plates, bowls etc) on a designated area for the guest to then handle themselves. No hand to hand contact will be necessary.

All tables for guests will be placed 6-feet apart and no more than 6 guests to a table will be permitted.

Dine-in guests will not need to return their used dishes – a busser will collect all used dishware once the guest exits the dining area and will then thoroughly disinfect all contact surfaces and seating.

Dine in guests will be given a new drink wear glass each time they would like a drink refill.

Enhanced sanitization of all areas will be implemented every 30 minutes regardless of use.

All dine-in guests will still be able to adopt an “all-you-care-to-eat” style of dining. Meaning no guest will be turned away from getting additional food items.

While our to-go packaging during this time will be Styrofoam, we will still be upholding our commitment to our composting initiative that collects 2,000lbs of post consumer and additional waste that is directly used on our University-affiliated partner farms.

While we may experience max capacity in our lounge/seating area at certain time throughout the day, no guest will be turned away from the option of choosing from our expansive variety of Simply-to-Go options to take with them.

Vandals Dining will be increasing our number of front-line staff, streamlining our service style, encouraging the use of to-go options and implementing active transitions in between meal times.

At this time, the Hub, our resident dining destination is the only location meal swipes are permitted to be used. However, Dining Dollars can be used at any of our retail locations on campus.

Vandals Dining will not limit the time of any guest’s meal period – however, due to limited in-house seating arrangements mandated by social distancing practices, we do ask our guests be cognizant of the time spent in the dining hall to allow for as many guests as possibly the opportunity to dine in-house.

At this time, we are unable to continue our Green-to-Go program due to mandated health and sanitation guidelines. We are constantly monitoring this trend and will phase the program back in should regulations relax moving forward.

Applying & Deposits

  • Students who are admitted to the University of Idaho apply through the Housing portal.
  • A student NetID user name and password are needed. Instructions can be found at
  • Students pay a $200 deposit to reserve their room.
  • Students choose their residence hall, room number, roommate and room type from available options.
  • Students needing assistance or special room accommodations should contact the Housing office at 208-885-6571 or

Yes. A deposit of $200 is necessary for students to reserve a residence hall room. Students who live with us during the full academic year will receive the $200 deposit back (minus any room damage charges). Some residence halls will fill up quickly. Though it is different every year, wait lists typically start in late April.


Our beds are standard deep twin XL size. 

Residence hall rooms are furnished with:

  • a bed 
  • a bookshelf
  • chairs and desks
  • a closet
  • a dresser or wardrobe
  • a covered mattress
  • a garbage bin
  • a mirror
  • recycling bins are provided on request

Yes we provide microfridges so there is no need to bring one from home. There is one microfridge provided per room in Wallace, Tower and McConnell. The LLCs come with a full size refrigerator and microwave in each suite.

Lounges, hallways, other common spaces and the Tower and McConnell residence hall bathrooms are cleaned daily by our dedicated custodial staff.

Students living in the LLCs and Wallace residence halls are responsible for cleaning their bathrooms.

The residence hall license agreement is a binding commitment to live on campus for the duration of the agreement contract. The University of Idaho residence hall license agreement includes both room and meals. 

Yes and No. Students living in the LLC may continue to be on campus during winter break. Students with winter break housing needs should work directly with the housing office to make housing arrangements.

Residence Hall students who have lost their VandalCard can get a temporary key from the Information Desk. The Information Desk will provide a temporary key during their hours of operation. If you have lost your VandalCard while the Information Desk is closed please contact the RA on call using the number located in your hall.


Absolutely. In order to room with a friend, choose the same room during the Housing application process.

Students who would like to live together, but not in the same room, can choose Wallace Residence Center and the Living Learning Communities. Suite style options are a great choice for students wanting to live together but not wanting to share a bedroom.

We want you to be happy and comfortable living on campus. The first step to take if you and your roommate are having a hard time adjusting to living together is to talk with your RA. If you still feel you must change rooms, please visit the housing office, and we will help you apply for a room change.

There are no room changes during dead week and finals week.

Yes. Each year we are able to approve a limited number of room “buy outs” in Theophilus Tower and Wallace Residence Center. This means students buy the other half of the double-capacity room.

If interested, email to let us know you would like a single room. We let you know within a few days if we can approve your request.

Yes and no. Students have seven days after their roommate leaves to declare they would like to buy out the other half of the room. Students may also choose to move out and choose a single room (if rooms are available). If students do not declare the desire to purchase the other half of the room, housing will begin the process of moving in another student.

Please note: housing can not guarantee single rooms if there is no availability.


Resident safety and security is important to us.

Each residence hall is protected by a Vandal ID card reader that unlocks the door for residents of the building. Students are encouraged to keep the doors to their rooms locked and follow common sense safety precautions.

Resident Assistants also do nightly rounds of the buildings to ensure safety and enforce quiet hours. Additionally, campus security does two random rounds with RAs per day.

For more information, contact or 208-885-7054.

There are several options you can go to for help.

Information Desk

Information Desk, located in the Living Learning Communities is available for all students from 6 a.m. to midnight. Students can visit the desk for emergencies, room lock-outs, lost keys, disturbances, complaints or any other safety needs.

RA On Call

Each hall has an RA on call number you can contact. Numbers are posted in each hall.

Campus Security

The Campus Security Team is on patrol 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - including holidays and academic breaks. You can also contact Campus Security to utilize their safe walk program. This program is free for students, faculty, and staff. More information can be found at Campus Security can be reached at 208-885-7054 or 208-874-7550.

Yes. Housing and Residence life works directly with Moscow Police to ensure safety in the residence halls. Campus Security also does nightly rounds of residence hall buildings, student safety checks and a 24-hour a day campus free campus security walking service. For more information on the Safe Walk program, go to Security Services site.

Public Transportation & Parking

No vehicle? No Problem!

U of I is a beautiful, walkable campus adjacent to downtown Moscow. With free public transportation, nearly 2,500 bicycle rack spaces and on-campus Zipcars available to any student, your educational experience can truly be vehicle-free.

Silver parking is located between Wallace and the Tower as well as across the street on two sides of Wallace. Residence Hall students can 

If you decide to bring a vehicle to campus, be sure to purchase a parking permit before school begins. Silver permit parking adjacent to the residence halls is limited. Read more about student parking permits on the Parking and Transportation Services website or call 208-885-6424.

The University of Idaho encourages bicycle transportation. Designated bike racks at located outside the entrances of Wallace Residence Center, McConnell, Tower and Living Learning Communities.

We offer indoor bike storage rooms in Wallace, McConnell and the Tower residence halls. For residents in LLC buildings we offer limited spaces in Wallace for indoor bike storage. Please contact the housing office at to set up this option.

There is motorcycle parking near the residence halls. To park a motorcycle or motor-driven cycle, purchase a parking permit. You may not store motorized vehicles inside your room or residence hall at any time.

Read more about student parking permits on the Parking and Transportation Services website.


Absolutely! Washers and dryers are located in all buildings and are free to use. You only need to provide your own soap and dryer sheets. Ask your RA on which floor your nearest laundry room is located. 

Use of our laundry machines for all residents is free.

Yes. Each residence hall has computer labs with printing capabilities. The LLCs are the exception. However, all students are welcome to use the large public computer lab in the bottom floor of Wallace Residence Center. All full-time students receive 250 pages of printing per semester.

Yes, Wallace and McConnell have kitchens in their basements, while our Living Learning Communities each have a kitchen on the main floor. 

Gender-Inclusive Housing

Gender-inclusive housing allows for same gender, opposite-gender or gender nonconforming students to live together, regardless of biological sex.

This housing option provides an environment where housing is not restricted by traditional limitations of gender.

To sign up for Gender Inclusive Housing, select "Gender Inclusive Housing" on the application, agree to the terms and choose from the available gender-inclusive spaces.

All participants living in gender-inclusive housing are expected to adhere to philosophies of respect and inclusion and are expected to be a positive member of the larger campus housing community the same as any other resident.

Gender-inclusive housing for first-year students is offered in Wallace Residence Center.

Non-first year students, including non-first year transfers, options are located in the Living Learning Communities and Wallace Residence Center.

All gender-inclusive housing assignments are located in suites with private bathrooms.

Yes, all students can request a room change at any time. There may be limitations to room selection options depending on the time of year and if there is available space.

For questions about gender inclusive housing and other accommodations related to gender identity/expression, please contact our student assignments team at or 208-885-6571.

Housing and Residence Life reserves the right to designate units with openings as single gender at any time if needed.

Cancellation Policy

Yes, you can cancel your room application, however you will forfeit 100% of your deposit and your room assignment will be released.

You can cancel your room application using the Cancel Application Form.

Yes, you can cancel your room contract and agreement, however doing so may carry a penalty of up to $1,800 if you will be remaining a student at the University of Idaho.

If you cancel due to any of the following reasons the penalty fee will not apply: graduating in fall semester, studying abroad, student teaching, going on exchange, withdrawing or medically withdrawing.

If we can do anything to convince you to stay, please contact us a Otherwise complete the cancel agreement form. Once the form is processed you will receive an email with instructions on checking-out properly.

If you choose to cancel your room contract you will lose 100% of your deposit.

In the case of extreme, unforeseeable and uncontrollable problems the penalty fee may be appealed. Canceling your Agreement is your last resort to solve a problem. You must seek assistance from Housing and Residence Life staff to resolve the problem, and you must try all other, less extreme options offered to you before submitting a cancellation. The other options might include, transferring to a different campus housing room, room type, residence hall or apartment for which you are eligible.

To appeal the penalty fee, please complete the Housing and Residence Life Agreement Appeal Form.


Housing & Residence Life

Physical Address:
1080 West 6th St.
Moscow, Idaho 83844

Mailing Address:
Business Mail:
875 Perimeter Drive MS 2010 
Moscow, ID 83844-2010

Student Mailing Address:
Student Name
MSC #____
901 Paradise Creek Street
Moscow ID 83843

Office Hours: Monday-Friday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Information Desk: 

6 a.m. - Midnight
For after hour emergencies please contact your RA on call. 

Phone: 208-885-6571

Fax: 208-885-6606


Web: Housing and Residence Life