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Borah Symposium 1960-69

March 27 - April 7

Committee Chair: Robert E. Hosack, Political Science

“Europe and the New Nations” (Caldwell & Pocatello)

  • Norman Pounds

“East European Revolution” (Lewiston, Boise, et al)

October 23 - November 3, 1961

Committee Chair: Robert E. Hosack, Political Science

“Democratic Counter-Offensive in the Americas”

“Latin America — Change or Revolution?” (Lewiston, Boise, et al)

  • Francisco Garcia-Amador

“Old Problems — New Programs in Latin America” (Coeur d'Alene, Jerome)

October 29 - November 2, 1962

Committee Chair: Robert E. Hosack, Political Science

  • Samuel Lyman Atwood Marshall, “Korea — the Biggest Little War”
  • “The Search for Peace — Prospects and Pitfalls” (Moscow, Boise, et al)
  • “American Survival — Illusions and Realities” (Moscow, Lewiston)
  • “Cuba, the Point of Main Trial”

April 26

Committee Chair: Robert E. Hosack, Political Science

“Soviet Policy — Myth & Reality”

  • Kempton B. Jenkins

“How History is Taught in Germany Today” (Supplemental lecture on March 25)

  • Emil Kroher

October 22, 1963, and March 26, 1964

Committee Chair: Robert E. Hosack, Political Science

Moscow & Boise, October 1963

“Borah — the Man”

  • Marian C. McKenna

March 26, 1964

“Borah — His Political Impact”

  • Claudius O. Johnson

“Borah — The Diplomat”

  • J. Chalmers Vinson

“The Role of Borah in American Foreign Policy”

  • Senator Frank Church

Discussions and Commentaries with McKenna, Johnson, & Vinson:

  • “Senator Borah's Personality”
  • “Borah the Politician”
  • “Borah & Diplomacy”

April 2 and 22

Committee Chair: Robert E. Hosack, Political Science

April 2

“The Role of the Non-Communist Left”

  • John J. Johnson

April 22

“Assignment Peking”

  • Dr. Purnedu Kumar Banerjee

July 30, October 21 and October 31

Committee Chair: Robert E. Hosack, Political Science

July 30

“Canada Challenges”

  • Donald Grant

October 21

“The United Nations: After 20 Years”

  • Frank Church

October 31

“Basis for Peace in the World Economic Community”

  • Robert Theobald

April 5-6

Committee Chair: William E. Folz, Agricultural Economics

“The United States Food Aid Program: Objectives and Accomplishments”

  • Dorothy H. Jacobson

“The Role of Agriculture in Economic Development”

  • Willard W. Cochrane

“Population Growth and Food Crises: Dimensions and Queries”

  • Irene B. Taeuber

“America's Capacity to Supply Food for Expanding World Populations”

  • M. L. Upchurch

“Purpose and Prospects for the Food for Freedom Program”

  • Don Paarlberg

February 15-17

Committee Chair: Richard A. Porter, Chemistry

“Historical Background of the Vietnam Conflict”

  • Frank Williston

“A Reporter Returns to Vietnam”

  • David Halberstam

“The Vietnam Conflict in Southeast Asian Perspective”

  • Guy Pauker

“International and Domestic Dissent Against the Vietnam War”

  • Robert Scheer

“Alternative Vietnam Outcomes — a Long-Range Perspective”

  • Anthony Wiener

“The Case for Withdrawal”

  • David Dellinger

“Vietnam and the Rebellion of Exploited Peoples — At Home and Abroad”

  • James Farmer

“Vietnam and American National Security”

  • Senator John Tower

“NATO, the Western Hemisphere and the Vietnam War”

  • Albert Gore

March 13-15

Committee Chair: Richard A. Porter, Chemistry

“War and International strategy”

  • Stefan Possony

“Human Aggression”

  • Roderick Gorney

“Erosion of Military Power”

  • Gen. Thomas Lane

“Domestic Violence”

  • Thomas Hayden, founder of Students for a Democratic Society

“New Left Activities”

  • Philip Luce

“The Nature of Political Activism and its Relationship to Violence”

  • Nat Hentoff, Chronicler of dissent in America

“Nuclear War and International Relations”

  • Thomas Brody

“Domestic Activism from a Conservative Point of View”

  • Anthony Bouscaren

Other Participants:

  • Dr. Nathan Hare, Professor of Black Studies, San Francisco State College
  • William Rusher, Publisher of the “National Review”

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